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#5964: Somebody get me a pizza.

So Luna is coming back tomorrow. If they can't do the family room, they won't, but at least we'll get the computer room done.

If they can't do the family room, I will pull up the carpet and put down 1/4" underlayment over whatever flooring is there, and then invite them back to finish. Getting tired of this.

So I spent my morning on job-hunting stuff, getting ducks aligned for the recruiter so I can hopefully interview at the actual company soon. Then I had to get a nap, because I could no longer see clearly; an hour and half later I was up again, and at 'em.

Hit the bank, got my change counted and deposited, then saw what we could do about the debit card. Turns out their only real solution was a prepaid credit card, so I did that. Had several other errands to run, including going to the bank and examining the contents of my parents' safe deposit boxes, going to the insurance agency to pay an overdue insurance bill, and going to the grocery store for sundry necessities.

But it's all handled now. It took my entire afternoon and it was frustrating as all get-out, and I haven't even eaten anything today other than one lousy Twinkie, so I've got a headache, but it's all handled and all I have to do tomorrow is wait for Luna to come and then sit around while they do all the work.

Remaining task for today: take down the computers (again) so they can do the computer room. But that's a half hour job at most.

* * *

So an anti-Trump neighbor of Rand Paul flipped out and beat the tar out of him. "Beat the tar" meaning that Paul has six broken ribs and a "pleural effusion", which basically means there is bleeding between his rib cage and his lungs.
Why push the claim about grass-clippings? Because it's a federal offense to threaten or assault a federal officer (which a Senator is). So the Postal Prog's lawyer is trying to push the claim that this had nothing to do with Paul's status as a federal officer. Just about grass clippings, you know.
It doesn't matter if the attack was over grass clippings. It's still assault on a federal officer, and I'd bet money that the law doesn't differentiate by motivation for the assault.

And you don't beat the crap out of someone because you don't like what they're doing with their grass clippings, even if it's been a point of contention for a while. You just don't resort to violence in that kind of case, because regardless of who you're attacking it's assault and battery at the very least.

The media is naturally trying to cover for the leftist dickbag.

And of course the leftist pussy attacked Paul from behind, giving him no warning or chance to defend himself.

* * *

Gun safety, your government at work edition:

FBI unit chief is allowed to concealed carry anywhere, even places civilians may not. And when he gets completely annhiliated and takes a woman back to his hotel room, and she steals his gun, why, that's an unfortunate occurrence which gets him a note in his personnel file.

Mind you, if a citizen just walks into a bar in North Carolina while carrying a concealed gun, he'll go to jail and lose his permit. But of course an FBI agent is one of the Only Ones who should be allowed access to firearms; as a government employee, any gun stolen from him through his own negligence would never be used in a crime or anything.

Related: Shooter in Texas could only get his guns because the government dropped the ball. The existing laws would have prevented him from legally buying firearms if the bureaucracy had done its job.

* * *

Watched the first season of Broadchurch because David Tennant is the lead in it, and he speaks with his actual Scots accent instead of an assumed London accent. The second season is, so far, not as interesting as the first was.

Now that I've had my breakfast (!) I find myself getting a splitting headache. That always seems to happen when I don't eat anything all day. Oh well.

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