atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5967: Ten minutes per pound

Last night, Mrs. Fungus abruptly decided to get a ham, so I just put it in the oven. One of these days I'll have to make some ham and bean soup again.

Dinner's in about two hours.

* * *

You know you shouldn't lay in bed and doze when you start having weird dreams.

Today is entirely downtime, so I didn't have to get up when Mrs. Fungus did. Woke up after noon, noticed she wasn't there, and went back to sleep. What finally convinced me to get up was the barest flash of Princess Diaries with Morgan Freeman (in drag!) replacing Anne Hathaway. There was something else after that, but it was lost in the wash of horror from the first part.

Kind of a pity. It's one of those grey and cold November days where you want to stay in bed as long as you can. The only thing missing is precipitation. But you know what? I still have the option of going back, if that's what I want.

* * *

This coming week I'm going to get someone out here to get a firm number on what it'll cost for asbestos removal, and someone else to start the process of doing an estate sale. I want--need--all this horseshit gone from the attic and garage, and we can't do new carpet until and unless the tile is gone. So.

* * *

He doesn't do it every night, but Maki will come into the bedroom, get onto the bed, and then attempt to sleep on my face. This is cute and only a little irritating when it's a two-pound kitten. When he's a fully-grown five thousand pound gully cat, it will not be so endearing.

Maki is a purebred Maine Coon, which means fully grown he is going to be huge. Critter is mostly Maine Coon and he's big, but Maki will be big.

Eventually I convince him to lay near me rather than on me. He seems perfectly happy to sleep on my shoulder but--again--that's fine right now, but will be less fine when he's fully grown.

And cats never seem to get that what worked when they were kittens no longer works. That's because of the relationship they have with humans; cats think of humans as oddly-shaped mothers. So, "I'm a kitten! Of course I can sleep on your head!" Meanwhile, you're all "MMMPPPHHHH GLARG I CAN'T BREATHE".

Meanwhile, Twigs has a new thing; when I'm at the computer he comes over to me and paws at me until I give him the double-click sound inviting him into my lap. Then he'll sit here and put his wet, cold nose on my arm until I pet him. Eventually he settles down in my lap. If I need to get up, and put him on the floor, he'll immediately try to jump back into my lap.

This causes some consternation for Critter, who previously was the only one who'd sit in my lap. And so what will happen is, with Twigs sitting in my lap, Critter will come over to me and look at me, and sometimes will try getting in my lap as well.


* * *

Mrs. Fungus has today and tomorrow off. We're planning to enjoy it.

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