atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#596: School Days

I think this famous likeness says it all:

That was approximately my reaction to the ending of School Days. I mean, damn.

I was going to get a cellphone pic of my expression but it only lasted until this came on the screen at the very end of the episode, though:

That's not really a spoiler, BTW, especially since I've been predicting some "wtfbbq pwnage" since about episode 9.

But still, damn, what an ending! I mean, WTFBBQ!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!!11one-one

And, BTW, eew.


Here is a thread I came across on the show. And one comment in particular got me:

"i guess we all wanted makoto 2 be punished… but DAMN.. [SPOILER REDACTED] pwned his ass… and i knew it was gonna be violent but not 2 the point where makoto looks freakin skary after he’s dead.." [I cut the spoiler; the rest is SIC]

I doubt this person has ever seen a freshly-dead human body in real life. Particularly that of a person who has died of violence. When I worked in the nursing home I was fortunate in that I only had to deal with one resident who had died; that was bad enough. I can't imagine how "freakin skary" it would look if he'd been stabbed several times rather than just died of natural causes.

Death is never pretty, dude. And it wouldn't have had the impact it had if Makoto had instead looked all composed and made-up the way a cadaver looks once the undertakers are done with it. (Here in the US, anyway, where we try make our dead look like they are only sleeping before we bury them.)

Oh well.

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