atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5969: Brownian motion

Managed to get a few things done today, though not through concerted, direct effort. Instead it was semi-random motion which ended up accomplishing things. I'll take it.

Grass is still too wet to cut; hopefully tomorrow it will be more dry and I can hack it back, and get all that nonsense attended to.

* * *

So, here we go again: lefty articles for leftists telling them how to score political zingers on their neanderthal rethuglikkkan relatives.

I have an alternative suggestion: Never miss an opportunity to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Nobody wants to hear you virtue-signal. No one cares about your regurgitated talking points. Everyone present already knows you're a commie whacko. They also know that saying so much as "boo" to your infantile display of utter mindlessness will lead to you throwing a temper tantrum which will thoroughly wreck everyone's holiday.

So do everyone in your family a favor and keep your stupid crap to yourself for once. Because--not to put too fine a point on it--NO ONE CARES. STFU, sit down, and eat the damned food, you fucking ass goblin.

* * *

Indeed, what do you do about this? I can guarantee no one will like my suggestion, which is to eliminate female guards from male prisons. In fact, no one would like any suggestion I could make which would alleviate the issue, here (which is that criminals in prison are little better than animals, and treating them as such until and unless they demonstrate otherwise is probably the wisest way to deal with them).

* * *

Well--lots going on this week. I'm glad Monday's tasks are completed, anyway.

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