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#5972: Late autumn

So, let me check this. We had an unusually cool summer. Early autumn was on the cool side, too, though it took an awful long time before it dropped below freezing. But we've hit mid-November and, for the most part, the trees still have most of their leaves.

Now, typically, by the time October's done, the trees are bare. Peak color is mid-October in these parts and after that they fall off pretty quickly. But this year, instead we didn't hit peak color until after Halloween and only now are the leaves really falling.

I'd bet it's because it took so long for the thermometer to dip below freezing. Rather than summer and autumn being cool, they were mild--not hot, but not cold, either.

I do not recall an autumn like this one. No idea what this means for winter weather. Well--there's really nothing I can do about it, either way, so it's senseless to worry all that much about it.

* * *

Okay, what the hell.

No, I don't understand what that means.

* * *

You know, before long it's going to be time for another Christmas vignette. I suppose I had better start thinking about it.

Last year's--and, come to think of it, the prior year's--came to me scant days before Christmas itself. I have some time to think it over, esp. since I don't usually publish the story until a few days before Dec 25--but at the same time, my creative process is cantankerous and unpredictable. Well, I'll just have to do my best.

More important things: I've got to get the asbestos out of the house, and the estate junk sold off, and it's got to be done soonest so we can actually have our living room back (at least) in time for Christmas.

Contacted three companies that do estate sales. One responded, so I'll fire another e-mail back at them and set up a date when they can come and look things over.

Thanksgiving is next Thursday, and we don't even have a turkey yet. Saw on the news that Whole Foods sells its turkeys for $3 a pound. So, what, $75 for a 25-lb bird? My local grocery store has them on sale for $0.70 a pound, but of course they are not free-range hormone-free cruelty-free antibiotic-free turkeys. (You know...they sure cost a lot for something that has all that "free" attached.) Well, the cheap Butterball turkey is just as organic as the Whole Foods hipster bullshit one, and just as tasty. For crying out loud, I can make the whole damned meal for $75.

With a caramel pecan silk supreme pie for dessert.

Well--a fool and his money....

* * *

But that's next week. This week I have things to do, and tomorrow is pretty much a lost cause for reasons I'll explain later on. Friday I expect to be moving stuff out of the living room, because it's got to be done--the holidays are here, and while we'd hoped to have all this shit done long before now, it's not. Guess who's to blame for that one. *sigh*

But you know, it's not an emergency, and it's not a problem. We'll get there.

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