atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5973: In which I breathe a heavy sigh of relief

Accepted a job offer this morning. Help desk work, tier 1 tech support stuff. It's a commute, but it's not further than the last job was, and it pays more than my last job.

And I won't be answering any billing questions. No one will be calling me to ask why their unlimited data package costs $20 more this month and complaining that they signed a contract. I'm sure there will still be any number of irate callers to deal with, but they'll be irate because their computers don't work, not because their phone bill is $0.73 higher this month than last month.

So here I sit in that lovely period after the "I'm unemployed!" stress goes away, and before the job stress starts. It's an odd feeling; the nagging worry about my employment status is gone and I feel peaceful again.

I got the call around 8 AM today, and I woke up Mrs. Fungus to tell her; then we both proceeded to sleep until noon, punctuated only by my phone blowing up with responses from estate sale people. I'll deal with them tomorrow; today is going to be a day of rest and relaxation, where I do nothing but fun things and worry not about duties and responsibilities.

Maybe some of tomorrow, too.

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