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#5974: Al Franken Is A Big Fat Sexual Predator

So, we have news that the junior Senator from Minnesota George Soros has been accused of being a typical Democrat masher. Like Teddy Kennedy. Like Bill Clinton. Like Weiner, Weinstein, and the myriad others.

In the order I saw them today:

Vox Day calls him "Senator Sexual Harassment".

Ace gave me the inspiration for this post's title. And includes a tweet from Leeann Tweeden showing a picture of a leering Al Franken grabbing her chest while she sleeps aboard a military aircraft. Ace's post title--like mine--is a paean to Al Franken's book titled Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot. That title sold a lot of books for Al Franken. I never read it, but if it was just five orders of magnitude more funny than he usually was, it wasn't funny. (100,000x0=0.)

According to Al Franken, his date-rape molestation was "just a joke". I bet he says that to all the unconscious girls he molests.

Unwanted Blog wants Al Franken to be given the Kevin Spacey treatment. Well, to be fair, we can't do that until and unless Al Franken commits to living his life as a gay man.

Cold Fury calls for his immediate removal from the Senate. And he says this, first blockquoting Al Franken:
"As to the photo, it was clearly intended to be funny but wasn’t. I shouldn’t have done it."
If it had been funny, it would have been a first coming from this perverted douchebag.
I frequently refer to the junior Senator from George Soros as "failed comedian Al Franken" for exactly that reason. He's not funny; he's never been funny.

The first time I ever became aware of Al Franken was when I saw him on Saturday Night Live, back when it was still funny. (I was in junior high.) The skit he was in was part of their "newscast" segment, where Chevy Chase lampooned the news of the week; he was a guest commentator, and the alleged joke surrounded him injecting his own name into his commentary as many times as possible, with his name also flashing on the screen every time he said it.

My reaction was approximately thus: A) who the hell is this douchebag? --and B) this is utterly non-funny. And that was in the early 1980s.

You know, when I started watching anime in 1994, a phrase popped up which sounded like one of those translations which is inevitable: one or two words, fairly euphonious, in one language, becomes a clunky phrase in the other.

In fact, it was Ranma 1/2 where I first heard it. The Ranma dubs were pretty frickin' good throughout the run I saw (and I saw perhaps 70% of it) but it was an early ep where I first heard it. The character in question was someone who had come to be regarded, by the girls of the high school the eponymous character attended, as a lecherous pervert of a guy.

And during a confrontation where the girls displayed their disapproval of his antics, one of them said to him, "You enemy of women!"

Viz (who did the translations and dubs of that series) never explained it.

So the non-funny douchebag has revealed himself to be the same kind of sexual predator--the same enemy of women--as a lot of prominent Democrats have over the years. For a very long time Democrats have been the party of sexual harassment because the press let them get away with it; Teddy Kennedy, for example, could be an enemy of women because Kennedy and Democrat. If he'd been a Republican--

For decades, you could be a sexual predator and get away with it as long as you were a Democrat. Bill Clinton was the platonic ideal of this; he was credibly accused of rape but the press was curiously reluctant to pursue the story. How many years after the Clarence Thomas imbroglio was it that the Monica Lewinsky scandal came out? Clinton's impropriety with a female subordinate would have ended the career of any Republican who dared even think about such things; not only did Clinton get away with it, but he was able to commit perjury about it and get off scot-free from that, too.

A side note to all this is that the Democrat Party now needs a way to be rid of the Clintons, because they've become a liability. Hillary lost them the Presidency, and if she runs again in 2020 is likely to lose it for them again. That's why now, suddenly--some two decades after it mattered--Clinton's typical Democrat "respect for women" is problematic and Democrats are beginning to cluck about how he should have resigned.

The nice thing about all this is that the revelation that Al Franken molests women in their sleep neatly balances the charges that Judge Roy Moore is a "pedophile". This comes a day after the Menendez trial was declared a "mistrial" by the judge overseeing it, thus ensuring that prominent Democrat--accused of sexual impropriety with underage females--will still be a sitting Senator for the upcoming tax fight. (And reportedly, people in Alabama are planning to vote for Moore at least in part because of this sudden witch hunt. Maybe the rank-and-file are just a little tired of the attempt to knobble candidates the elites don't like.)

Well, guess what? The media is rushing to Al Franken's defense which is something which will surprise absolutely no one, ever. Oh, and that picture of him grabbing an unconscious woman's chest? Why, that was "mock groping", not real groping, quoth some moron at MSNBC.

Kind of how when Roman Polansky raped a 14-year-old girl, it wasn't rape-rape, according to Whoopi Goldberg. I mean, there's rape, and then there's rape-rape. So if the girl is saying "no" but you do it anyway while happening to be a powerful leftist filmmaker, it's only rape--not rape-rape--and you're good to go. Ditto for grabbing an unconscious woman's breasts; that's only mock-groping and it's not real sexual harassment or anything.

Amazing how you can be the skunkiest cad in the universe and get a pass from the media, as long as you vote the right way. No?

* * *

2.5 times the energy density of current batteries. Still not as energy-dense as gasoline, but better.

Watt-hours per liter, gas: 9,500
Watt-hours per liter, lithium metal battery: 1,200
Watt-hours per liter, new solid-state battery: 3,000

...about one-third the energy density of gasoline, then. In its favor, however, is the fact that a gasoline engine is only about 30 or 40 perfect efficient at best--which is to say, that liter of fuel you burn gets you about 3,000 watt-hours of kinetic energy, and the rest goes out the radiator. Diesel engines can do better, and turbines better still--but not dramatically enough to make them necessarily better than the solid-state battery seems to be.

I said "seems to be" for one reason: they're claiming a one-minute recharge time. If that's so--if they can actually charge this thing in a minute and the electric car can get a 500-mile range on a single charge--IF this is actually so, then this is the battery technology which will make electric cars practical for everyone.

So let's say this is the battery technology we've been waiting for. There is then only one thing standing in the way of an all-electric transport infrastructure, and longtime readers of the Fungus know what that is.

The electrical infrastructure will need a serious upgrade to handle that much electricty--and we'll need more generating capacity. A lot more. Windmills and solar panels won't be enough.

* * *

Tomorrow is Friday. Today is Thursday. I can relax a bit, because my job hunting is over.

And you know what? I wore my suit. (The agent recommended it.) I wore my suit, and this therefore is the I got the job.

Understand: I bought that suit in October 2001 because I needed a new suit for interviewing, and I wore it to all kinds of interviews, and never got the job. But I wore it yesterday, and today I got the offer.

I stopped wearing suits to job interviews because I received advice on that point. Well, several jobs, it didn't matter--you don't wear a suit to an interview for a stock clerk job--but now I'm realizing that I should have worn it to that interview I had in August, for a tier I phone support position for [Major Grocery Chain], the exact type of job I am going to be doing for [Major Hardware Chain].

Gonna have to have the coat let out a bit, though. It's tight around the waist. The pants still fit okay.

* * *

Now I'm going to play some WoW, guilt-free for the first time in months.

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