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#5977: Life under communism

Someone who lived in communist Poland talks about what it was like.

Of course, the left's response to this is to say, "Well, that wasn't real communism." That shit fails every time it's tried, and the left's response is to denounce it as not being actual Marxism because it failed. Notice that while the commissars are stomping on human faces, none of these cheerleaders stands up and says, "Whoa, whoa! This isn't actual communism, comrades! We need to implement real communism if this regime is to have any hope!" Hell no. They just stand on the sidelines and cheer on the commissars while they get their face-stompin' boots all covered in blood.

If you celebrate Lenin and Stalin and Guevara, you're not going to say a contrary word to any communist regime, no matter how bloody it is, until and unless it fails; then you'll say "that wasn't communism!" and go right on trying to make it happen wherever possible.

Soviet Union--60,000,000 people dead, not real communism.

China--73,000,000 people dead, not real communism.

North Korea--3,000,000 people dead, not real communism.

Cambodia (Khmer Rouge)--3,000,000 people dead, not real communism. Whoa nellie, definitely not!

And keep reading the list.

...every time it is tried it leads to mountains of human skulls. And on the way there, it impoverishes everyone in its path who does not bow to it, forcing them to live in conditions of grinding poverty.

The idiots in America who want to live under communism simply don't understand what it's like. They think communism would be like what we have now, only they don't have to pay for anything like food and housing and so on. They have this inchoate idea about "fairness" and "equality"--something which never actually happens under any system, but especially not under communism!--but never think through what must actually be done to make it happen.

Like that friend of mine two decades ago, waxing rhapsodic about how his Chinese girlfriend didn't have to worry about having food or shelter or medical care. (This guy was a devout Christian. Wish I would have thought to add that she also didn't have to go to church on Sunday.)

But what actually happens is closer to what's described at that link. Everything is rationed. Government controls everything, and if you're not in the Party, you're fodder for the machine. You're not going to be bopping around with an iPhone X sipping your macho-milko from Starbucks; your phone will be a basic "calls and maybe text message" device that you'll wait three years to get. And your cup of coffee will be basic coffee you brew yourself, a bit thin since rationing forces you to use the grounds three times.

And it's all done at gunpoint, because it has to be, because communism is so contrary to human nature.

It cannot be otherwise.

But of course the idiots will continue to insist that "real communism has never been tried". Listing all the inevitable failures of communism falls on willingly deaf ears.

* * *

"There's no inflation!" ...which is why butter now costs $5 a pound.

Since 1996, the consumer price index has increased fifty-five percent, meaning a dollar is worth half of what it was worth twenty years ago.

* * *

"Air Force would have drawn boobs." Heh. Heh.

* * *

Well, pounding rain, thunder and lightning. 100% chance of rain tomorrow. WTF, am I going to be cutting the grass on Thanksgiving?

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