atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5982: We need a new paradigm, damn it

Because right now I haven't got a pair of dimes to rub together. *rimshot*

Agency is hoping to get me started working a week from today. Got the call this morning telling me that the background check update has been started, and I'd be getting an e-mail about scheduling the drug test, but so far no e-mail, and nothing from the client--supposedly there's paperwork I need to fill out for them, too.

As I said, I have enough on my plate that a start date of 12/4 is fine, even though I'm broke, because there's no way in hell I can get everything done in one week. Particularly a week with the Thanksgiving holiday in it.

Plus side, I can--and am--handling it. Asbestos guys come tomorrow morning, that should be a one-day job. Then we can schedule carpet installation at our leisure; it'll mean a few days of walking on plywood but that shouldn't be a problem.

Besides the asbestos, we have the attic and garage stuff and the leftover furniture to dispose of. I have an estate sale company rep coming at 11 on Wednesday to (hopefully) help us get rid of this stuff. If not, I'll find a consignment store and get it all hauled over there, and trash the 80% that's not worth the effort. F it. Tired of having this crap in my way, and none of the other interested parties has shown any interest whatsoever in helping with it.

So tomorrow while the asbestos guys are doing their thing, I'll be moving stuff around for the estate sale rep on Wednesday. And I have to find time to make brine for the turkey. And--


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