atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5983: The answer to that is never to do anything

Cut the grass today.

The cleanout for the sewer line is surrounded by toilet paper. There is water standing in the pipe, some two feet below ground. Argh.

Here's what it means: it means there's some kind of blockage downstream of the cleanout. Considering that the sewer pipe was replaced in 2005 (?) with PVC it's probably (only "probably") just some wadded up gunk, and ten minutes with a power augur would clean it out.

Here's what happens: something blasts water down the pipe, it fills up, and GUSSH used water comes fountaining out of the hole in the cap.

Now, this sort of thing has happened before. I can recall any number of times that I'd go out in the front yard for this or that reason and find the end cap blown off the thing. Sometimes there'd be soggy toilet paper around it, just as there is now.

Just not as much.

...and I literally did not remember that until just now. I was chatting with Og about what I should do (call a pro vs rent an augur) and he advised finding out what the pros charge, first. It turns out to be about $50 a day to rent a 100' augur ($75 for a power-fed one) but if a pro charges even as much as $150 it might be worthwhile to go that route.

Well, we'll see. As if I don't have enough on my plate. *sigh*

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