atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5985: Damn you and your fairy stories! They're smashing up my home!

Asbestos removal is noisy. They haven't even started removing the asbestos yet; they're still pulling up carpet and taping plastic. The guy who came and gave the estimate didn't tell me that the plastic would remain up until the air quality report was complete. *sigh*

So we lose the use of the dining room (not a big deal) and the family room (which is a problem) until lab says it's okay to breathe the air in there. Argh etc. That means a night where we can't watch television.

You know what the hell of it is? Before the rooms are sealed off with plastic and tape, they're pulling up the f-ing tack strips from the old carpeting which is exactly what the carpet guys said they couldn't do. That, I was told, would pull up the tile and release asbestos into the air.


Anyway, it's being done, and I will never have to worry about it again. F it.

* * *

Meanwhile, the light fixture in the computer room has stopped working for no apparent reason.

I got a single flash out of it last night, so I tried replacing the bulbs, but that didn't help. Today I'm going to dig into it and see if I can't figure out WTF went wrong. I'm hoping it's the switch, because if it's the wiring up top I'm going to have to tear the whole weary thing apart. And this is the ceiling fan that took an hour to assemble.

Also, it cost more than all the other ceiling fans in the house combined, so it had better be the switch and not the fixture.

* * *

So the saga continues: the plastic will have to remain up until tomorrow when people will come to do the air quality test. Jeeze louise.

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