atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5989: Certified asbestos-free

Just got the call from the asbestos removal folks. Lab says "EPA clean!" and they're coming to remove the plastic so we'll get our lives back. Hoody hoo.

Meanwhile, Roto Rooter is here, and they pulled a sizable wad of roots out of the drain, and it's working well. We're waiting on a supervisor to do a camera inspection but I'm glad there's no longer any standing water in the pipe--you can look right down to the bottom of the thing.

This morning, while Mrs. Fungus was showering, I went out front to see what I could see, and--yep!--water was flowing evenly from the damned thing. Then she must've flushed the toilet, because BLOOSH even more water came out. And after that, the water just stood level with the top of the pipe. So it cost $350 to get the thing rodded out, but we're getting a video inspection out of it so we'll know what we're dealing with.

Friday we're having the ducts cleaned. Then maybe--finally--we'll be able to get the frigging carpeting put in. For crying out loud! We ordered carpeting the last weekend of October! Now November is almost gone!

So far today I've met with with the asbestos tester, the Roto Rooter guy, and an estate auctioneer; I've had conversations with the asbestos people, the duct cleaning people, and someone who I contacted to see about getting rid of all the "valuable antiques" cluttering up my home. I still need to find someone to come look at the piano.

Man, what a week it's been. And it's not going to get any better. I might have a few spare minutes tomorrow.

So: Roto Rooter finished the job. Video inspection of pipe shows clear sailing all the way to the street. There was a root ball clogging things up, but no more!

Asbestos company said it's clean, and the guy just left after taking down all the plastic. He helped me move some stuff around, too.

One by one, my task list is getting shorter. And it's about friggin' time!!!

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