atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5990: So, let's tally the task list for the day.

So, all the things I had to do today, and did 'em all on about 4 hours of broken sleep:

1) Asbestos tester at 9 AM sharp. She left at 10, but I couldn't go back to bed because

2) Estate auctioneer at 11. Showed her what we have, she concluded we don't have enough junk for a sale, so she gave me the number for a guy in the area who does estate buyouts. Still couldn't go to bed because

3) Had to call guy about estate, set appointment for next week, and

4) Set appointment for duct cleaning.

5) Mrs. Fungus had a doc appointment and Roto Rooter was coming. As it turned out, Roto Rooter got here about 10 minutes before I had to take her to the doc, but the doc was here in town so I was back in under five minutes.

6) Flushed toilets etc and watched Roto Rooter guy do his thing. Then he decided to have one of his managers come down with a video camera to look at the pipe.

7) Looked for local piano dealers, found one, but then

8) Got call from asbestos folks saying house was clean.

9) Picked up Mrs. Fungus. Brought her home.

10) Roto Rooter manager arrived with camera. Watched Roto Rooter guys do their thing, flushed toilets and grabbed duct tape and trash bag for guy.

11) Asbestos guy came to tear down plastic. Got him to help me move sofa and china cabinet back to their proper places.

12) Paid Roto Rooter and got them on their way.

13) Reassembled family room so that we could relax once home from our errands.

14) Went to pick up pies from Baker's Square, ended up eating dinner there first because traffic was horrendous.

15) Got home, collapsed in bed for three hours.

16) Got up with a splitting headache and started making brine for turkey. Not enough salt! Went to Jewel for salt and sundries, came home, got bird into brine. Cooked giblets as a treat for cats.

Friday I'll call the piano man and see if we can get it out of here, ever. Friday is soon enough.

...I did a hell of a lot today. Mrs. Fungus pronounced me a good man.

I'll take it.

* * *

Roto Rooter charged more than we really wanted to spend, but I am actually happy about how it all worked out. First off, I would probably have quit once the pipe drained, which would have just kicked the can downstream, so to speak. Second, I would have found the whole process unbearably disgusting and tedious, kneeling on the cold, wet ground in 45° weather (at least it was sunny!) and feeding that snake back and forth. I wouldn't have known what was what, either.

Third--that video inspection gave me a hell of a lot of peace of mind. Now that the root ball has been cleaned out of it, the pipe is clear all the way to the sewer, and I saw that myself. The joint between tile and PVC is sound and intact. Guys said it should be good for a few years at least; manager suggested having it cleaned every four or five years.

So, one less thing to worry about, at least for now.

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