atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5997: Cinnamon butts!

Last night, around 2 AM, I had a hankering for cinnamon rolls or something similar. I didn't know what to do about it--the stores within reasonable distance were all closed--until I realized I had a pack of crescent rolls left over and could do something with that.

Found a recipe for cinnamon rolls on-line, for the filling, then hied to the kitchen.

Softened a stick of butter in the microwave, mixed sugar and cinnamon together, and then got to work. Unroll the dough, apply butter, sprinkle cinnamon-sugar atop it.

It took some experimentation before I found the best way to roll them up, but eventually I had them arrayed on a cookie sheet.

That was my first mistake. Should have put them in a pan. All that butter--it ran out over the parchemtn I'd lined the sheet with, taking some of the cinnamon sugar with it, instead of containing it next to the dough to bake in.

Second mistake was that I forgot to set the timer, so they were a little overdone.

They were, however, edible, and reasonable facsimiles of cinnamon rolls, if a bit crunchy and spread out. Mrs. Fungus named them "cinnamon butts" and suggested frosting, which I'd forgotten; a can of buttercream frosting in the cabinet sufficed. They tasted pretty decent with the frosting on them.

Lessons learned: use a cake pan, and don't forget the timer or the frosting. And, if possible, just go buy cinnamon rolls.

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