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#5999: Well, that's nice

One thing I forgot to blog about: when I cut the grass last Monday, and saw all the TP all over the front lawn, I got a flashlight from the house to see where the water level was. It had a magnetic base, so I stuck it on the tractor's hood when I was done.

Anyway, was cutting the grass in back when a branch knocked it off. It naturally fell just behind the mower deck as I was backing up, and before I could stop--k-chunk, it went.


I salvaged the circuit board and the magnets from it, anyway. Turns out if I hook up the wires from the circuit board to a battery, one row of LEDs lights up. One corner got knocked off by the mower blades; when I have time I'm going to see if I can fit jumpers to the other traces. But the housing was wrecked, so this will have to find use somewhere else. Oh well.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus had Saturday and Sunday off; and Sunday we got to sleep in as late as we wanted. Nobody called us. We just slept and slept, and woke up when we felt like it. The cats slept with us, too, not making any trouble, all five of us in bed and happy to be there.

We're just about turkeyed out. Seems like we never really eat any of the dark meat. I'm thinking we should just go back to having breasts, rather than whole birds.

So sometime this week--before Thursday--I'll toss the carcass into the stock pot and cover it with water and simmer away, then strain all the precipitate out and boil down the resulting liquid down. Then package it and freeze it.

And the cats will be given some of the meat shreds. And I won't make the mistake of putting them in chili again.

* * *

In the "kind of annoying" department, out of the three manga series that I really care about, two of them never update.

Kiss x Sis had a cliffhanger and stopped at issue #109. That was April 17 of this year. Their updates were a bit spotty before that. Too bad.

Bakuon! updated June 27, then quit. Argh etc.

Watamote is the only one still updating, and it's a little sporadic, but so far June and July were the only months this year without new issues--and that might be because the publisher didn't print any. (Manga series sometimes go on vacation for a month or two, depending on a bunch of factors.) Still, it'd be nice if they let us know what was going on.

* * *

As usual, tomorrow I have errands and chores to attend to. One of 'em's the pee test for my new job. Hopefully I'll be working Monday of next week.
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