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#6000: Six THOUSAND posts since April 3, 2006.

Another millennium safely in the can, and there's nowhere to go but up.

...which is either hopelessly optimistic, or sad commentary on where I'm at right now. Well, either way, it doesn't change the fact that I've rattled off reams of writing into the electronic ether, and some people have found something in it, so everyone's had a good time.

Without more adieu, the recap:

The 5000th post. I always like to start these where I left off with the last one.

Wrapping Paper, one of my Christmas vignettes.

The Apple CinemaDisplay 30 comes home for the first time. Epic freebie. AKA the Giganto-tron.

The disdainful German guy makes his first appearance. You don't deserve ze bed. Vhy don't you just sleep in some leaves?

Replaced the washing machine's lower bearing again. Learned something useful from it, too.

Learned how to disassemble and reassemble it so it will work reliably.

At the end of this post, the first reference to Little Big's "My Dick". Emphatically not safe for work but hilarious Russian rap song.

From no overtime to mandatory overtime. The day the shithole became a shithole.

Our trip to Shedd Aquarium but you have to go to Photobucket to see the pictures I posted, because Photobucket is shit.

We welcomed Twigs to our home.

For future reference, this post contains my BBQ rub recipe.

At the end of this post, the genesis of Apocalyptic Visions.

#5309: Saturday, and holy crap. Bought the LED bulb for the light over the stove. It's lasted more than a year; it was worth the investment.

Hey! We elected Trump; did Mexico cancel the treaty that gave us California, as they promised? At this point I'd rather give California to them.

#5322: Proud to be deplorable! Hillary Clinton makes one of the missteps that cost her the election.

We found out Steven Den Beste had died.

The United States dodges a bullet. Trump wins!

#5412: Outpost which was 2016's Christmas vignette, and one I quite liked. It'll be hard to top that one.

This post has links for all the Christmas vignettes other than that last one.

*sigh* The worst Christmas ever.

Got my LG Stylo 2V in early January of 2017.

We get a new bed, but it was a massive boondoggle. No wonder Sears is on the skids.

#5452: Out of a job. February 13. I should be working again soon, though.

We end up getting a two-for-one deal on seeing Sweeny Todd at the Aurora Paramount theater. Two viewings in one day. Awesome. And we met the guy who played the eponymous role.

#5519: 11 years of Atomic Fungus. Wow.

Mrs. Fungus and I put new video cards into our computers. Much faster, too.

Realized that motorcycle has a charging problem, May 8th.

Failed at wiring a three-phase motor. Argh etc.

Motorcycle fixed, June 28. After replacing all the parts in the charging system.

Swimming pool! And we proceed to have a very cool and pleasant summer.

Maki comes to live with us!

Maki breaks his leg. *sigh*

August 3 was the last time we used the swimming pool in 2017. And it was just me after a hot day cleaning out the attic.

Attic cleared, dumpster full.

Finally explaining the blog title.

I'm not getting an Elio.

Started working on painting the inside of the house, and found a problem with the bathtub.

Well, it was last painted in 1982, after all.

Family room all painted.

#5922: Schedule A-5, Part 1 and I really ought to post part 4 pretty soon, considering it's been too long since I posted part 3.

Initial work finished. Still have the bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, and dining room to paint, and the bathrooms need other repairs. But the first stage of renovations are complete. Now we're just waiting for carpet.

Accepted a job offer 9 months after losing a job. But I did a hell of a lot of work on the house in those nine months, plus nursed a kitten back to health.

2017's White Wednesday was a hectic day.

And just for the sake of recursion, a link to this post, #6000.

Well--tomorrow promises to be another full day. I'd better go to bed.
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