atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6004: Holy [EXCREMENT!] am I tired

Seriously--four hours of sleep Sunday night preceded my work marathon on Monday. I even loaded the trailer a second time before dinner last night! Today I got up at 9:19 and did as planned last night: took the load to the storage locker and crammed it in there, took the trailer back, and then hit the grocery store for sundries.

And I am wiped.

I still have a few minor things to do, which I'll do before I go collapse.

Theoretically, we are finally getting carpet installed tomorrow. Here's hoping.

* * *

What happened to Susan Sarandon? Suddenly she's saying that Hillary Clinton would have been a worse President than Trump. WTF.

* * *

Typical Democrats express violent hatred for 9-year-old girl who was excited to go to a Trump rally. Quote: "I will punch that lil girl in ha face." Another: "I'll run over this bitch with a car."

This is the true face of the Democrat party. Violence and hatred are all they have.

* * *

So, watching a video about magnetrons--the insulator in the magnetron in some microwave ovens contain beryllium, which is superdoubleplusungood for you. Worse than asbestos. Apparently if the ceramic material is pink, its got beryllium oxide in it.

White insulator means aluminum which is a lot less bad for you than beryllium. As in "not even close." So if you're trying to get the magnets from a microwave, be careful.

* * *

Fail video posted today, "wild animal fails". First clip is a white woman twerking in front of chimpanzees. The fail here is obvious, and it has nothing to do with the chimpanzees in the cage. *rolleyes*

Same level of fail as the people who have stripper poles in their homes.

Later in same video: elephant calf chasing some birds around and then tripping. Adorable.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I watched Scarface over the course of two days. I did not think very much of the movie. I have never seen a movie starring Al Pacino that I liked, though, so that's not terribly surprising.

* * *

I went out to get a pizza last night and didn't bother with any kind of jacket or hoodie or anything. Just a hat.

Christmas decorations are showing up all over the place, and it was shirtsleeve weather.

Don't count on snow this winter. Not here.

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