atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#600: Ship-shape and ready to...uh...trail.

I know "talk like a pirate day" was the 19th. So what.

Arr, shiver me timbers! The boat be ready to sail for her next port o' call, me hearties!

No, screw that.

Mom wanted me to pump up the tires on the sailboat trailer so when the guys from the charity come to get it, they don't shred the tires. I took the compressor out back and pumped them up. But I also jacked up the trailer and filled in the ruts where the tires had sunk into the ground; and then I climbed up onto the boat to pump the water out, because when the boat moved I could hear it sloshing.

There must've been a good fifty gallons of water in there. Or more.

I think I learned how to start a siphon with the old hand-operated bilge pump--a skill I am certain never to need again--and got most of the water out. But it was a long, hard, dirty job.

When all was said and done, at least, the trailer was able to sit level again. I don't know, maybe 500 lbs of water or so in the back of the boat was enough to keep it from balancing right. With my Mom and me on the tongue of the trailer (maybe 360 lbs, total, with me being 260 of it) it would just barely sit level before I pumped out most of the water.

Nasty, slimy, icky water.

Boats, you see, are generally watertight from the bottom, but not necessarily completely so from the top...particularly when they've been sitting, unattended, for about ten years. I don't know the last time it was opened up and aired out, but I do recall that after a winter sitting in the back yard it would accumulate a gallon or two of water.

But the boat is generally sound, and I think anyone who buys the thing should find himself with a rather nice fixer-upper. As I said before, the Clipper 23 twin-keel sailboat is a rather nice pleasure boat.

I got extremely dirty and sweaty doing all this, but the job is done and I should never have to do it again. At least, not with that boat.


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