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#6008: Go ahead. I'll stop using it.

Quoth Kim du Toit:
Facebook could soon lock you out of your account unless you’re willing to upload a 'clear' selfie to verify your identity.
What I've posted there already should identify me, but if that's not enough for Facebook, well--that service is nothing I need, so they can lock me out of it as they please. I know that as a user of Facebook I am the product, not the customer, so it's their problem, not mine.

* * *

Carpet guys here. Links to be looked at and commented on later:

Carpet guys left a while ago. Took me a bit to find all the computer parts so I could get back to this, but the family room, halls, and computer room have been transformed:

Family room:

Computer room before:

Computer room during. If you look at the wood flooring in the hallway (where the vacuum cleaner is parked) you can see the difference between "hardwood floor always covered with carpeting" and "hardwood floor which saw heavy use by children for its first seventeen years", before it was covered with carpeting.

To make matters worse, there's a spot by the closet--where the cat box once sat, I think--where the flooring would have to be replaced if we were to convert this room back to hardwood floor.

Computer room after:

Since the installers left I've been walking around in bare feet, luxuriating in the sensation of soft, fresh, new carpet.

The cats, however, don't quite know what to make of it.

* * *

The guy in the linked video took too long to get to the good stuff. He talks about kilns and crucibles and chemistry for a long time before we get to the actual glass part.

But I did always want to know how photochromic lenses work, and now I do.

* * *

Because leftists are the ones who want to stomp on your face. I've known for a long time that Democrat politics make energy more expensive. They're the party of no nukes, limiting carbon emissions, preventing the construction of refineries, and the price of electricity "necessarily skyrocket[ing]."

* * *

Not so. You see, if Nixon had been a Democrat (and had not put Alger Hiss away) "Watergate" would still be a hotel known mainly to those who frequent D.C., and not a term meaning "scandal". If Nixon had been Democrat, he wouldn't have been investigated the way he was.

All the crap that happened in the Obama administration has been swept under the rug because the press doesn't care about Democrat crimes. It only cares about Republican ones.

* * *

"[Matt Lauer is] the Ernst Stavro Blofeld of sexual harassment." He had a "secluded" office, and further he could lock the door by remote control, from his desk.

Lauer: [presses button on his desk, reaction shot of door locking] Stay a while, Ms. Bond!

Garrison Keillor, too, has felt the burn of getting too grabby.

About all they can do now is choose to live as gay men, I guess.

The way to avoid all this is astonishingly simple: keep your hands to yourself at work. You know? Don't shit where you eat, is what I'm saying, even if you can get away with it.

* * *

Yet another computer error at an airline has resulted in some 15,000 flights without pilots. What in the hell is wrong with the IT departments of the major airlines? Why do these things keep happening?

* * *

Even though I didn't do any actual work (other than some vacuuming and sweeping) I feel completely beat.

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