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#6013: If you want to know why the American media are ignoring the story, look for one detail.

Here is a story about a teaching aide who has AIDS and who sexually abused 42 kids. As the post title says, there's one salient detail which will explain everything.

The sex of the victims.

It's missing from the linked story. It's in the headline here.

The math is inescapable: HIV-positive man sexually assaults 42 teenage boys. He wouldn't be a...homosexual, would he?

The American media are ignoring the story because it's a story about a gay man, a black one, with HIV, raping teenage boys. It hits all the highlights our leftist media dearly wishes to avoid, particularly because the gay man in question has exposed 42 children to HIV. The story has to be buried because it doesn't fit the media's preferred narrative.

And if they cover one such story, why then they might have to cover other similar stories, and the next thing you know, the general public stops believing the narrative that homosexuals are perfectly normal people.

* * *

Some segments of the left want Christians to accept that their religion is a form of communism. Problem is, it's not.

If you read the Bible and understand any of it at all you discover that Christ's teachings aren't in fact a blanket condemnation of personal property and an exhortation to give everything you own to the poor. I don't know Scripture well enough to cite examples but I do remember well from my Bible study classes that the essence of Christ's teachings were about discernment, knowing when to give and when to withhold. He didn't universally give to everyone; some people were denied favors based on their ethnicity, for example.

I think Christ would have thought communism a blight. Which it is, considering that the conservative estimate is that it killed 100,000,000 people in the 20th century.

* * *

How long can they keep it going? Voyager 1 is in interstellar space, 37 years after its launch from Earth, and it's still working, far beyond its design life. Pretty cool.

* * *

I laughed at this.

* * *

Well: Mrs. Fungus has the weekend off, and we're both taking it easy. I need to investigate and correct a noise her car is making, but otherwise things ought to be pretty low-key. Here's hoping.

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