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#6014: Because they so desperately wanted it to be true

ABC mis-reported the story about Flynn's plea deal. They said that Trump directed Flynn to talk to the Russians before the election, rather than after. Simply by saying "then-candidate" rather than "President-elect".

If Trump, as a candidate, had directed Flynn to talk to the Russians, that would put something on the gigantic nothingburger which, so far, this entire heap of nonsense has been. The media and the Democrats (BIRM) desperately want there to be evidence that Trump colluded with anyone, but especially Russians, to somehow steal the election from the Rightfully Appointed Heir To The Throne, Hillary Clinton. They desperately, desperately want to bring him down as soon as possible.

The article includes this tweet which sums up the situation nicely:
ORIGINAL REPORTING: Proof of Russian collusion, treason & intent to rig an election.

CORRECTION: Commonplace, completely legal diplomatic relationship establishment by an incoming administration.
That's exactly what it amounted to.

I mean, this is how desperate they are. They really want to prove Trump is racist, so they latch onto the most insignificant detail and attempt to spin it as racism.

And the press wonders why half the country ignores them?

* * *

It's a major victory for Trump, but it's not "reform". Tax reform would scrap the whole thing and replace it with something that makes sense, instead of the craptastic million-page nightmare we have now.

Oh well. Maybe we get lower taxes from it, maybe we don't. We'll see, I suppose. But it's not going to shrink the federal budget or anything.

* * *

Oh, look at this.
FBI veteran, Peter Strzok, considered "one of the most experienced and trusted FBI counterintel investigators" according to the NYT, and who was tapped by Mueller to help lead the probe of Russian meddling in last year's presidential election, after helping lead the investigation into whether Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information on her private email account, has left Mueller's team.
Why? The news stories claim it's because he sent "anti-Trump text messages" to a colleague of his. I am skeptical that that's the real reason.

The "colleague" he sent them to is someone with whom he is having an extramarital affair.

Now, when you're investigating things at the level this man works at, you need a security clearance. You can't see the things you need to see without one. And one thing that will get your security clearance pulled soonest is--or, at least, used to be--having an extramarital affair. Because if you're going to violate your marriage vows, what other vows might you violate?

* * *

More people talking about the Tesla truck charging thing. Mentioning the whole "physically impossible" deal, you know, and discussing how much power it will take to charge one of those things in 30 minutes.

* * *

When you are going to launch something that may not even make it to orbit, why not load it with a silly payload?

* * *

Good going, Obama--the muslim slave trade is flourishing in Libya thanks to you. They're buying and selling black people like it's 1699 over there.

* * *

Are Amazon's warehouses actually sweatshops?

* * *

The staff at that restaurant are probably all fired now.

* * *

How socialism begins, and ends. Very simply.

Related: You need to show a photo ID to buy a gun. Not to vote. Imagine how little vote fraud we would see if you had to show a photo ID and pass a background check to vote!

* * *

Now, when I watch YoUTube compilations of comics I usually don't find any of them funny enough to laugh out loud at, but a few of these got me good:

Very clever, and amusing.

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