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#6015: You know, maybe they have their own music that they like better than yours.

Has that not occurred to you guys? That perhaps the millennials have music which is just as good to them as your music is to you?

Idiots at Rolling Stone bloviate on "40 Albums Baby Boomers Loved That Millennials Don't Know".

Having looked over the list, I can count on my thumbs albums I've owned, and a bare handful of songs I could recall the tune and/or words of. 90% of the list is obscure crap no one listens to these days except septagenarian baby boomers.

You folks didn't like your grandparents' music. Why should your grandkids like yours?

* * *

This sounds like a good way to proceed. I'm stunned that--according to what I'm reading here--the F-22 and F-35 can fly a single mission every few days, because the between-mission maintenance required prevents a quicker tempo.

* * *

Cataline pulls no punches at The Dark Herald, let me tell you:
Doctor Who was never meant to be the Messiah but in the last few years he became this godlike figure out of legend. All of the bad guys know who Who is not just the Daleks. There are frequent and prolonged speeches about just how special and miraculous he is. You can tell when an SJW is at that helm because your hero starts getting a constant and unending stream of emotional validation and reinforcement. They may as well rename it Doctor Sue.

The biggest problem with Doctor Who these days is that it's become such an SJW shitfest it is now completely unwatchable.
I hooted at "Doctor Sue", because it's so friggin' apt--

* * *

Today I put new brake pads on Mrs. Fungus' car.

I had intended to get up around noon. We ended up being awake until 4 AM, having lots of fun with video games; even so, I woke up around 12:30 and thought, Well, I'll just get up in about twenty minutes, and that'll be fine.

Suddenly it was three.


But it's fine. I got it done, although it was astronomical twilight before I finished it.

The cause of all this? A grinding noise when braking. I drove the car yesterday and it only made the noise one time; Mrs. Fungus said it did it all the time. We use brakes differently. But that one time was enough for me to know what needed doing, anyway.

Sure enough: driver's side inner pad, the one directly pressed on by the caliper piston, was worn almost all the way to the backing plate (and was down that far in one corner). The lower caliper pin was seized in its bore, so I pulled it out and cleaned it and relubricated it. That was the hardest part of the whole job. That was the part that was making the noise, all right, but it's fixed now.

Took a page from Og's book, bought pads with a "lifetime warranty", and kept the old pads and box the last time I got pads for the car. So all I had to do was take the box with me to the parts store, and presto! Free pads!

I was helped by a high temperature today of almost 60. By the time I hit the driveway it was cooler than that, but it was comfortable enough. I wasn't chilly, or anything.

At some point I really must get a gander at the rear brakes on that thing. I don't think I've ever done them, or even inspected them. Yeesh.

* * *

Today is the last Sunday of my unemployment. Tomorrow is the last Monday I can reasonably expect to have off from work. Tuesday is my first day. It's exciting, but I'm also kind of nervous. It'll be all right, though.

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