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#6016: I do find it difficult to be sympathetic

Puerto Rico spends $100 billion on bonuses, then asks for $94 billion to rebuild. This is why I don't have sympathy for Puerto Rico; this kind of mismanagement is how they've done things for decades. This is like a guy losing his job and then taking the family to Disneyworld, FFS.

Any business finding itself in this kind of situation, where it has an emergency--the first thing it does is cut discretionary spending, and that means things like bonuses get cut. Only government can blow a hundred billion on something non-essential and then say, "Okay, we need a hundred billion for this really important thing...."

PR needs to learn fiscal discipline.

* * *

So does Chicago. The attitude of Chicago politicians is basically, "Well, the taxpayers will just have to pay it," so they continue to kick the can down the road and avoid reforming anything.

* * *

41 states have lower individual populations than Los Angeles county. This is why we need the Electoral College. This is why Democrats want to eliminate it.

* * *

Created a new station on Pandora: "Santa Lost a Ho" Radio, so named because that song by the Christmas Jug Band was the seed for it. So far it's been an odd mix: half country, a quarter humor, and the rest is piecemeal tranditional songs of various flavors. It's a nice change of pace, though.

What I'm thinking of doing now is to set up Pandora to switch randomly between that and the "Traditional Christmas" station.

* * *

Yesterday I did the brakes on Mrs. Fungus' car before breakfast. As stated previously we were in bed until 3 PM; I got up and got to work right away, and didn't have anything to eat until after I'd finished. Took the car for a test drive, stopped at Popeye's.

Most unusual: after we finished dinner, out of a 10-piece meal, there were two pieces of chicken left. Usually there's more than that. And I finished that off before going to bed.

Good thing the 10-piece was on sale for less than the 8-piece, I guess.

* * *

Well, today is the final day of my unemployment, and it comes not a moment too soon. The new job pays weekly, which will help.

Need to be there at 9:10 tomorrow morning, and to avoid being late I'm planning to leave two hours ahead of time, because the last two times I made that drive even 1.5 hours wasn't enough.

Don't know yet what my schedule will be. I'm hoping it will let me avoid that horrible traffic, but if not, not. You know? A fiver says I can avoid the long delay by taking the long way around (go up 355 and then take 88 back, instead of going up 294) but I'd rather not if I don't have to.

It's that frigging 290 interchange that's the problem. Where 294 connects to 290, it's always been shitty, but as traffic has increased it's gotten shittier. The last time I drove up there, it was 12+ miles of parking lot, FFS.


We'll see, I suppose.

But that's tomorrow. Today I have other things to worry about. And so, off I go.

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