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#6020: And that's the week.

So I'm home Saturday and Sunday, and it couldn't happen sooner. I like the place, I like the environment and the people, and the work looks like it'll be worthwhile. But I'm tired, because in nine months of unemployment I lost my conditioning, and I'm having to build it back up again.

But it gets easier every day.

All I need to do, when I find my motivation flagging, is to recall just one day--any day, not a particular one!--at the last place. I just need to remember not being allowed to have paper or pens or food at my desk, having to get permission to go to the bathroom outside of regular break time, having to get permission to do anything that would solve a customer's problem, having half an hour to scarf down whatever lunch was, the threat of being fired if your phone was turned on while you were on the floor, the impossibly contradictory metrics, the noise, the shitty equipment and furniture, the threat of being fired if you got up from your desk and forgot to lock your computer, the incessant drumbeat of asinine calls from unreasonable and stupid people, the utterly useless options to "save" lines people never wanted to activate in the first place. Not being allowed to hang up on someone who is swearing a blue streak at you.

Working there was like being the human face in Orwell's line about a stomping boot.

I may be idealizing things a bit based on the fact that my last two jobs were so shitty, but I'm looking forward to learning more about this job and getting through training so I can do it. And it looks as if the work is pretty easy compared to the last couple of jobs; not that it will be a sinecure--I'll have to work hard--but that it won't involve so much shit. I've heard one call in the past three days where the caller sounded even close to angry--and compared to the calls I got at the other place, that caller was downright courteous. The guy training me remarked that this or that caller had a bad attitude, but they sounded nice enough to me.

Every hour I spend there further convinces me I can DO this and end up doing it well enough that they decide to bring me on full-time rather than contract. I'd like that.

* * *

That's right. We're doing Wodehouse.

* * *

"Roy Moore accuser admits adding date to yearbook". Autoplay warning, but yeah.

The woman in question claimed Moore wrote it. She wrote it. When you do write something and claim someone else wrote it, it is called "forgery" and it is a crime.

* * *

Another autoplay warning: "In about 30 minutes, from approximately 75 feet away, deputies and troopers fired 55 rounds at Johnson's car from AR-15 rifles, .40 caliber pistols, and a shotgun. Not a single round hit her." Police are "only ones" who the left wants to be armed. They're incompetent. I can hit a target from 75 feet away, FFS, and I wear coke-bottle glasses!

Oh--no weapons found in the car. Cops shot at her claiming she'd shot at them first, but how?

Incidentally, one of the cops hit another cop car with his bullets:
Photos of the crime scene obtained by CBS4 also show that in the bursts of gunfire, an Arapahoe County deputy accidentally shot up a state patrol cruiser. Reports suggest the patrol vehicle was struck 28 times. The deputy was standing immediately behind the car but was apparently unaware that many of his shots intended for Johnson were actually hitting the patrol car.
How the hell can you be that bad of a shot?

* * *

CNN pulls an ABC and gets the timing wrong. What would have been a huge story turns out to be nothing, because things didn't happen that way.

Love it. Keep it up, asshats. Keep beclowning yourselves.

* * *

This explains why the robot revolution is not happening soon.

* * *

Man, I'm tired. Time for something fun.

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