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#6021: Snow

A dusting of snow Thursday morning. Just enough to remind us what season it is.

They say we'll get an inch of it tonight. Believe it when I see it yadda yadda.

* * *

One of the things I missed the most about working in the main building at Rockwell-Collins was the cafeteria. They had food they prepared to order, things like Caesar salad with chicken and stir fry. I really missed that.

I had some stir fry, Thursday, for lunch.

Fresh vegetables put into a frying pan and sauteed; add beef, cook more; then dump sauce on it, a little more time, and then serve. Oh, my goodness, did I miss having that kind of lunch.

At R-C the sauces were "hot" and "mild" and they'd ladel it on to order. The scoops were small, so you could say "Two mild and one hot," and they'd do that. Here, they had General Tso's and two others I didn't bother to look at.

I ate it all and went back to my desk a happy man.

* * *

Noticed that the rush hour drivers on 294 have not gotten so much as a single iota smarter since I last commuted on that road, 20 years ago.

Not one whit smarter.

You know, I figured it out in 1993: just because you're moving faster than traffic, a few tenths of a mile at a time, does not mean you are getting where you're going any faster. I see people dodge back and forth, left-right-left-right, like they're antagonists in Speed Racer, so they can go one or two or three miles an hour faster than traffic is going.

I used to drive like that. Until I had the third accident in my 1992 Cayman Green Thunderbird. I had to drive my Mom's car while I was trying to figure out how to proceed (get rid of the cursed car on which I was significantly underwater? Fix it AGAIN?) and while doing so, I slowed down and stayed in the right lane...and discovered that it did not take me any longer to get to work that way than it did the other. All the aggressive driving did was make accidents more likely.

Okay? It saved NO TIME WHATSOEVER. At least, nothing significant, not nearly enough to make it worthwhile. A minute, maybe, if I am generous...out of an hour commute.

That was when I invented the concept of "road speed", which basically is the fastest you will be able to cover a given distance on a specific road under specific conditions. It might be the speed limit, 10 over, 10 under, a crawl, or a mad dash--but no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you absolutely will not be able to go any faster than that speed. And what little advantage you might be able to eke out of all your stupid crap won't be worth the effort, and the wear and tear to your vehicle.

And I saw it happen today, the guy who ducked left, then right, then left...and when he ducked right again, it was right back in front of me, where he'd been three lane changes earlier. We'd arrived at the same spot in the same amount of time. He'd gotten maybe six or seven hundred feet ahead of me at peak speed, but when things slowed down again--yeah. Tailgating all the way, of course, so when traffic slowed down he had to stand on the brakes to avoid rear-ending the car in front of him.

The legal term is "weaving" but I call it "thrashing", because it's useless motion.

People still do it, though, and it's still just as big a hazard as it was in 1997, and it causes wrecks and traffic jams and a whole bunch of other crap that could be avoided if these asshats would just have a tiny little modicum of patience.

I realize that they think they're hot shit drivers, you know, and pride themselves on how quickly they can navigate a traffic jam...but I can guarantee you that they've never timed it, never paid any attention to the hard numbers, and never stopped to consider that they're just fooling themselves.

Because believe me, they are fooling themselves.

* * *

Anyway, it's Friday evening, and it's my Friday evening.

The Internet went down here. I don't know what happened; I was watching a video on YouTube and it just horked, and suddenly nothing worked. Went out to pick up Chinese for dinner, got back, Internet worked again. Fine.

Thu night I was going to play a little WoW before bed, but my connect speed was horrifyingly bad--about 1 Mbps down, ZERO up--and I had to spend time fixing it. Mrs. Fungus' machine was similarly affected by all this, though she was doing better than I was. Her connection improved the instant I unplugged my computer from the switch; when I replaced the old cable connecting Floristica to the switch with a new one, I got 87 Mbps down--fast. Turned out that the old network cable had died, and it was spamming the switch with so much noise, her computer couldn't get a bit in edgewise.

...and I had exactly 13 minutes left before bedtime. *sigh*

Well, I'm playing WoW tonight, damn it! HA!

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