atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6023: And you're surprised by this, of course.

Life is hard. It's even harder when you're stupid.

Okay: if you work in the food service industry, and you post a statement in a public place that says you will spit in someone's food for whatever reason you deserve to be fired.

* * *

Two errands--go to bank, go to store for a few sundries--and I came home fit to be tied, because people are idiots, and I haven't had breakfast yet--but mostly because people are idiots.

Plus side, we have Pepsi and bread and contact lens solution. Minus side, I'm out of money again. But that'll be corrected soon.

* * *

Gotham is over for the year. We'll see more next year--they say "spring" which could be March--and the teaser for that includes someone who is recognizably the Joker. It's the same guy, Mr. "Don't Worry, It'll Get Better", the guy who's was dead, resurrected, defaced, and re-faced. The latter is why he has the grin, apparently.

Looking forward to that. Gotham continues to be really good stuff.

Meanwhile, Orville has also finished its first season. I liked it, and I'm glad there's going to be a second season.

That final ep--I saw everything coming a mile away; the only thing I was in doubt about was the final resolution of the conflict. It would have been an amazing cliffhanger season finale if the Union found itself facing a technologically superior and religiously fanatic opponent...but of course that would be uncomfortably similar to what the modern world faces with islam, so they couldn't do that, and anyway that's not the kind of thing the show is about.

Overall, the series doesn't break any new ground, but neither does it try to be srs philosophy like too much of Star Trek does. What it tries to be--and excels at--is popcorn TV SF, where everyone tries to be decent people but it's okay to blow up the bad guys, and they throw in a few ridiculous moments so no one will make the mistake of taking it too seriously.

* * *

Video game logic and EVERY ONE IS TRUE:


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