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#6034: Well, that's not at all surprising.

Today some channel or another is doing a live version of A Christmas Story. Mrs. Fungus apparently tuned into it for a few moments, which was all it took to confirm our suspicions that it would be bloody awful.

The scene she saw: Ralphie at Schwartz's house, and they're singing about Hanukkah.

Uh, yeah, that's pretty rancid.

* * *

There's no real explanation of what "pulse" means but from comments I gather they're going from sub-critical to critical almost instantaneously, which is why there's a flash when it first starts up: for a moment, the reactor is making a lot more power than it's rated for.

The thing is, a fission reactor can be designed to be self-regulating. They did it in the '50s or '60s--the bit from Freeman Dyson that I often cite, where they blew the control rods from the reactor with compressed air. It briefly made far too much energy, but then settled down to its design output of 500 MW with no further input. So that even if someone does everything wrong, the reactor core is physically incapable of melting down.

There's no reason we can't build commercial power reactors that way. No reason at all. And absolutely we'd still build these melt-proof reactors in containment vessels, just because it's safer, but this would truly be a reactor you could safely house in a shed because there'd literally be no way for it to malfunction. The only real worry you would have at this point would be the physical security of the core itself, because the fuel (especially fuel awaiting recycling) represents a radiological hazard. You don't want some crazy-ass stealing a few kilograms of it and then blowing it up with some TNT in a public area.

We lack only the will.

* * *

Paint it yellow, put goggles on it, and you have a minion. WTF.

* * *

Net neutrality, enacted in 2015, reduced Internet infrastucture investment by 18%. That is why Trump undid it, and that's why I was against it all along.

The funny part of this is how the commie-lib news guy gets his ass handed to him, though. As far as I can tell, rhere is no good argument in favor of net neutrality, at least none which are supported by reality.

I got the link from here and his commentary on it is worth reading, too.

* * *

Well, had a bit of luck today: I set out to do my Christmas shopping, and on my way to the mall I thought I'd stop at Menard's first and pick up a couple things. Problem is, my card was declined. Why?

Well, because the check I deposited yesterday morning has not cleared. I have money in my account, but I don't have access to it. Argh.

The "bit of luck" was me not getting all the friggin' way out to the mall (about a half-hour drive) and parking and walking in and browsing and so forth, only to find that I couldn't spend any of my paycheck yet.

I've found that the track sections I bought are not pin-compatible with the track I have for the Christmas train, so I need to buy adapters for it. That's what I was getting at Menard's.

Oh well.

* * *

I guess it's time to go festoon the conifer in the living room.

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