atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

"Where Was God"?


This is the Pope asking that question. IMHO the Pope ought to know better.

He's not going to reach out and fix things. The same way God will not save your life--no matter how hard you pray!--if you fall off a building, He's not going to fix something big, either. Humans made that mess; humans had to clean it up.

People who think that God should fix our problems for us don't understand the basic truth of how God works. He cares deeply about us; but part of that is letting us fail, letting us make mistakes, and letting us learn from them. If He just made everything nice for us, first off we wouldn't really have free will any more; second, we would become indolent and probably spoiled rotten.

I can't really amplify these thoughts without going on a 10-page discussion of the issue. Most of what I would say would be a repeat of my earlier discussion on the provability of God's existence, anyway. So forget that noise.

It's dinner time, for crying out loud.

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