atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6045: Damn, it's cold out there.

Weather site reported -4° when I got up. IR thermometer said -8.8° when pointed at the driveway. Regardless of how you figure the temperature, it's damned cold out there, the coldest it's been all year.

Global warming's to blame, of course.

* * *

Today's my other day off this week. Once today's done, I won't get another one for three whole days. I'll have to work Thu, Fri, and Sat. O, tragedy.

...with New Year's Day being Monday, I'll be off that day, so I'll get two days in a row off again. Then work a day, then Wednesday off. So it won't be until the week after that I work a full week on my regular schedule.

I spent yesterday doing very little. A couple of calls per hour, and after an initial surge of e-mails, one or two of those per hour. This resulted in a severe case of googly eyes, leaving me wanting to go lay down somewhere and nap for a while. *sigh*

But I persevered, and I stayed awake, and I did my job as best I could.

Today I don't have to do that. I have two little chores I need to do, and otherwise I can do what I want.

Oh yeah.

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