atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6051: Happy new year, yeah.

Kitchen sink draining very slowly. Problem became apparent Saturday night, and I dug into it, finding that the trouble wasn't immediately under the sink itself, but further down.

...and what I should have done was to go out to Ace on Sunday and buy a snake. But oh no, I have one; the sink is draining (albeit slowly) and there shouldn't be a problem letting it go until Monday. I'll dig the snake out then.

Well, Mrs. Fungus complained today that it wasn't draining at all. That side was clogged, and I'd intended to dig into it a bit deeper anyway, so off I went. I'd probed the drain from the sink side (after disassembling the piping under the sink) on Saturday, found all that piping relatively clear of obstruction, so what I'd do is take that apart again, and snake it from there on down.

No snake. Nowhere. There are two or three places in the garage where it should be, but it's in none of those, and I haven't the foggiest idea where else I might have put it. Probably when I clean the garage again, it'll turn up, but the garage is such a disaster after the cleanout project that I can barely get from one side to the other.

Went downstairs and scoped out the plumbing. It turns out that there is a cleanout plug right under the sink, facing towards the sewer, which means getting the drain pipe clear should not be too hard.

Grabbed a coat hanger and bent it out of recognizable shape. Found some solid-ish obstruction maybe 18-20 inches down the pipe, but all I managed to do was to move it further, even after much fiddling and tweaking of the end of the coat hanger in an attempt to make it into something that could snag the clog. No go.

Now it's maybe 30" in.

Tried using the endoscope, but the pipe is simply too mucky; it clogs up the lens immediately. I'm going to need the right tool for the job, which means buying it since I can't find the one I have, and it's New Year's Day and everywhere that would have one is closed.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, a work day; once that's done I have Wednesday off, and I'll have all day to putz around with this. What a thrill.

But let's be thankful: the clog is not a hard one; I could move it. The pipe has a cleanout in it, and it's in a good spot. And in the absolute worst case, the drain was replaced with PVC, so I can always cut it and stick in a new section if I have to. But I probably won't have to go that far; the only thing that I'm lacking here is the right tool.

I can even get one that hooks up to a drill, if I want, for about $20. And it's 25 feet, much longer than a straightened coat hanger.

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