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#6058: No, I don't want to use the new post editor; this one is fine.

I don't need "new and improved". Stop trying to force it on me.

* * *

Today (Saturday) was, somehow, even slower than last Saturday, which was the day before New Year's Eve. Last week, 22 emails and calls. Today, twenty.

Thu and Fri were busy, busier than they normally are supposed to be (I am told) so that's probably got something to do with it, but even so--damn.

And I can't just sit there and watch YouTube all day.

Found a catalog of Camaro parts on the bookshelf, so I spent some time paging through that. And my drawing is improving, you betcha:

The lead antagonist in Megumi's Diary. I don't know if I ever gave her an actual name....

"Osaka" and Hotaru from Chicory, arguing over something as usual.

Galadriel and Chuck from Magical Angel Selene.

Of course Mrs. Fungus will say they all look alike, and she's not wrong, but considering that I'm only drawing this stuff for my own enjoyment, that's okay.

The hard part is something that had not occurred to me: I've forgotten how to draw narrative.

Look, it's literally been ten years since I tried to do any serious artwork. ("Serious" meaning "drawing manga layouts" but you know what I mean.) And really it's not so much forgotten as got extremely rusty, because you have to be able to visualize an entire page at once, and I'm having lots of trouble doing that. It does not help that the two series I want to work on--Chicory and Megumi's Diary--were the reason I stopped drawing in the first place. I'd written myself into a corner and didn't know how to proceed.

So the thing to do is just dive in, but the next opportunity for that probably won't occur until next Saturday. Maybe by then I'll have refined the ideas I have for continuing the stories....

* * *

Give that man the Angus MacGyver award NOW. In fact...I have a lawn tractor and a TV box, myself....

* * *

WOOHOO ILLINOIS IS NUMBER ONE! people leaving the state, that is.

No surprises here.

* * *

This guy is hilariously wrong. That's right, a rocket's got nothing to push on in outer space, so of course it can't work. (Except for what the basic laws of mechanics tell us.) But let me watch the video before I say that, shall we? It's possible he has some other reason.

He starts out by punching air, claiming that there is no "reaction" from doing that. But if you punch a wall--then there is a reaction.

Yep, that sure as hell is his argument! "There's nothing to push against in space." *sigh*

He claims to be a "scientist" and claims to have studied physics--but if he did, he certainly didn't learn anything. Certainly he's never had to draw a force diagram. At least, not one that reflected reality.

Rockets work near the ground because they push on the air or the ground. Not because of the high-velocity gas exiting from them, but because they're pushing on things.


* * *

Those kids look simply THRILLED to be out at the pride parade with their two dads.

* * *

I do enjoy reading Fred Reed, but when he starts talking about how great Mexico is this is about how I feel about it, too.

Mexico is feudal: there are enclaves of the elite (one of which Fred calls home) and then there are vast swaths of peasant countryside. Inside those enclaves, it's first world all the way, with snappy Internet service, well-educated kids, and all the comforts of civilzation.


* * *

They say it's going to get close to 50° later this week. Time to get the pool out!

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