atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#605: Piercing is bad for you (like we needed more proof)

A navel piercing almost killed a girl. Well, actually, the combination of a navel piercing and a car wreck.

The article doesn't say what exactly happened in the wreck, only that "nobody was at fault". Come on, now; car wrecks don't "just happen" for no reason. What happened?

Anyway there was sufficient energy in the collision that the girl's navel-piercing-thingy punctured her abdomen almost all the way to her spine. The human body collapses and distorts when it undergoes violent acceleration, and there's a lot of room in the abdomen for stuff to shift around, temporarily. Caught between soft flesh and a thick nylon strap, the piercing naturally would take the path of least resistance.

The other driver got a broken leg; the girl got five days in the ICU plus major emergency surgery and so on.

When I lived in Iowa, every once in a while there'd be a story on the news about some teenaged girl having a fatal single-vehicle accident. It was usually in the morning, out in the country, and involved a loss of control of the vehicle and no seat belt. It was hard for me to feel any sympathy for them, because--let's face it--if you're not wearing your seat belt, you're asking for death. Add inexperience, the inevitable youthful expectation of invulnerability, and being late for school. What happens? You get a teenaged girl driving too fast for conditions without her seatbelt on; if anything goes wrong, she's pretty much dead...and all of these tragedies could have been averted if the girls had only been wearing their seat belts.

Too often people don't think about what they're doing while they're doing it. I expect this girl didn't think anything of having the seatbelt lie over her navel piercing, which she apparently had had since she was 15 (for the love of...). And most of the time, there isn't a problem.

Whenever I have to load up a vehicle, one thing I always give thought to is, what happens to this (whatever) if I run into something? Would it become a missile or guillotine aimed at my head? Where will it go if there's an accident? Is there anything between it and me, between it and the windshield? I don't do this because I expect it, but because the consequences are dire enough that it warrants some care.

Some thought about what might happen if can go a long way.

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