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#6062: But as long as I don't see it, I can pretend it doesn't suck.

Haven't got the urge to see the latest Star Wars movie yet. What is it, ep 8, "The Last Jedi", and we already know that Luke dies in it. Luke Skywalker, like the main character of the original three movies (AKA "the ones that didn't suck") has fifteen seconds of screen time in ep 7 and then kacks it in #8.

I've heard a legion's worth of reports that the latest one is shit. I have this vestigal need to see it in the theater--"I saw every other one in the theater!"--but it's a friggin' movie, not an obligation.

The only reason I can find to go see the movie other than the "obligation" one is that, "If you go see it, you can finally read all the negative reviews which are chock-full of spoilers."

I don't think that's enough.

Mrs. Fungus wants to see it, so we probably will, but I just can't gin up any enthusiasm for it.

* * *

Damn it, no one wants to hear about your uterus.

* * *

Wait, what is this?
Employees at the Tim Hortons locations owned by the children of the co-founders of the franchise say they have reduced employee benefits and cut back paid breaks to help offset Ontario’s $2.40 jump in hourly minimum wage.

Jeri Horton-Joyce and Ron Joyce Jr. wrote a letter to employees at their two Tim Hortons restaurants in Cobourg, Ont., that those who want to continue receiving dental and health benefits will have to pay a portion of the plan's costs themselves. Those working at the restaurant for more than five years will have to pay half, while those working from more than six months to five years will pay 75 per cent.
I thought Canada had free health care! What's this about people having to pay for it? Huh? Huuhhhhhh??

File this one under "the true minimum wage is ZERO."

* * *

Earth warmed 0.1° C over the past 50 years. As measured by ocean temperatures.

Once again, the global warmenation is skipping past the atmosphere and going right into the water!

* * *

Well, today was the way Mondays are supposed to be, I guess. It was moderately busy, until about 5:30, at which point tasks underwent an inverse step function. Logged out promptly at 6:30 and came home without incident.

This will be my first regular week, with no holidays and no days off, on my regular schedule. If today is an example of a heavy day, I'm 100% fine with that.
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