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#6064: I've read too much Tom Clancy

Top secret satellite supposedly ended up in the Indian Ocean. Uh, sure it did.

I mean, what's the worst thing that can happen with a spy satellite? Well, if everyone knows you're launching one, that can be pretty bad. But if everyone thinks your fancy new spy satellite ended up in the Indian Ocean, and certainly isn't anywhere in orbit, well....

In Clear And Present Danger, a spy satellite launch ends up "failing" such that it is in the perfect position to allow instant communications between D.C. and covert ops teams in Colombia about half the time.

So, yeah, I don't really think that satellite is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

* * *

Looking over a list of Clancy's books--I couldn't remember the title of "the drug one"--I notice that the last book of his I read in full was Red Rabbit; I tried reading The Teeth of the Tiger but it was bloody awful and boring.

The same way I'm not interested in Clive Cussler's later "Dirk Pitt" stories--because they are now about Dirk Pitt junior--I similarly eschewed Clancy's "Jack Jr" books. They just bored me.

* * *

Today's my day off, and the only reason I'm not still in bed is purely hydraulic: I needed to hit the can. When I got back to bed, Mrs. Fungus had rolled herself in all the covers, leaving a little scrap available for me, so I just got dressed and sat down here. I'll go back to bed after she leaves for work, is all.

* * *

Among other things, Mrs. Fungus got me this little disco light for Christmas. I'd be surprised if she spent $5 on it. It's meant to plug into your cell phone's charger jack. Three LEDs and a rotating dome send sparkles of colored light everywhere around it. It's very bright and really neat, but the big problem is that it came with an Apple lightning plug. I lopped it off, sacrificed a USB cable, and wired the USB-A end to it. Now I can plug it into the computer, so I can enjoy the light show anywhere there's a USB jack. Heh.

And, looking at it, I keep thinking that it'd be nifty to modify it further, so that the LEDs change brightness and the rotation reverses at random.

* * *

Speaking of which--

I've been contemplating replacing a couple of outlets with those fancy new combination AC-and-USB charger types. Basically it's a receptacle which accepts two 3-prong plugs, but also has two USB ports which supply +5V for charging phones etc. That would be pretty cool.

Of course, they're not cheap. This past summer I replaced a lot of outlets with $0.48 parts from Menards, but these fancy USB charger types cost upwards of $25 each. So, that's not something I'm going to do all over the house.

* * *

It's a dreary Wednesday. I'm happy I don't need to go anywhere today, at least not far. Gas station, maybe to the store for a couple of things; otherwise, though, nothing

Just as well I've got the runs today; better to have them on a day off like this one than a workday, or when I have all kinds of chores and errands.

Suits me just fine.

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