atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6066: I know you guys don't like it when we tell it like it is.

Trump said we don't want people coming here from "shitholes". Allegedly, that is.

"If decade after decade millions of your citizens risked their lives fleeing your borders, your country just may be a SHITHOLE."

Quoth that post, "I cannot put too fine a point on this: American citizenship is not a global human right."

We do not--should not--award citizenship to people solely because they managed to get here. When you let all the people come here from the shitholes, they bring the shithole with them.

Example: Minneapolis AKA "Little Somalia". Example: LA, AKA "North Mexico".

There is a myriad of examples.

Haiti is a shithole while the Dominican Republic is a nice place. Go figure.

Hey, this is a good point. We're told and told that we can't send people back to where they came from because those places are horrible. (A shithole by any other name...?) But Trump says it, and the Democrats spend 24 hours talking about how wonderful those places are. If they're not shitholes, why can't we send them back, Democrats? Eh?

* * *

This is a fantastic idea. If you're not disabled, you should be working. Trump's administration has made it possible for states to require able-bodied people to work before they can get Medicaid. Good.

* * *

Sing along, folks! The true minimum wage is ZERO! Bear in mind that we live in a society where it is eminently possible to replace labor with capital, and once you do that there is no going back. All these minimum wage people, like the idiots touting "$15 for life!", are managing is increasing the incentive to automate to the gills.

* * *

They keep blaming all of it on the US. But 60% of the plastic waste in the ocean comes from Asia: "China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand". As I recall, China and Vietnam are communist, so what does that tell you?

Related: There is an industry devoted to peddling climate alarmism which has been developing for 50 years.

* * *

I bet you never saw an aging talk show host fellate a former President on TV before.

* * *

Socialized health care doesn't work.

* * *

Behold the people who will rule Alberta with an iron fist when the revolution comes. So let's go left to right here.

The Androgynous Duo, Senor Patchbeard, Gore-tex Melman, Srs Lesbian, Spunky Half-Pint, George, and George's Mom, who drives him to the meeting and in fact everywhere because he's disabled.

Be afraid.

* * *

Speaking of being afraid, today I got this call on my cell phone. It was a spam call but--to my surprise--they actually left a voice mail...and when I listened to it, I just about laughed my balls off.

It was a computer-synthesized voice, not a person, and it said, "This matter is very serious emergency and time sensitive. We are calling you from investigation team of IRS. We have just received a notification regarding your tax filings from the headquarters which will get expired in next 24 working hours and once it get expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local cops..." and at that point I started laughing my ass off because CRAPTASTIC ENGLISH IS CRAPTASTIC.

So, hey--if you don't hear from me in twenty-four working hours you know that I was taken under custody by the local cops. Heh.

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