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#6067: It's NOT a "foundational principle" of our country, for one.

Democrats etc believe it is. It's not. It's a poem on the pedestal of a colossus; it's not in the Constitution, not even as a "penumbra" or "emanation".

Someone else pointed out that it refers to people as "wretched refuse", and I certainly don't want any of that.

* * *

Uh, no.
80% of the cases in the US are H3N2. As usual, although this year's flu vaccination does NOT protect against the H3N2 strain, "experts" are still urging everyone to get a shot. (Despite the fact that some numbers say it is only 10% effective.)
So, the flu that's killing people, this year's flu shot doesn't immunize against it, but get the shot anyway, because GET THE FLU SHOT BECAUSE WE GET KICKBACKS!

The difference between a cold and the flu is, as always, subjective. I usually go by how much energy I have, and whether or not--and how much--my entire body hurts. That said, the H3N2 strain is killing otherwise healthy people, so it's probably not a good idea to tough this one out without seeing a doctor.

* * *

Some idiot pushed the wrong button and the entire state of Hawaii freaked out. Of course, it's Trump's fault.

* * *

I like how the first comment here is, "Well then- just take them home and home-school them then...."

The problem with any public school stems entirely from the involvement of the parents. The big problem with schools today comes from parents who want teachers to give their special snowflakes straight As because "MY SON IS SMART!" But of course their son is average, and the only "smart" thing about him is that he's a smart ass.

But those parents are only half the story. The other half is the ones that don't care about their kids' grades at all, and then get pissed off when their kids don't learn to read. Yeah.

* * *

This does indeed take on an entirely different connotation in light of the revelation of how prevalent pedophilia is in science fiction fandom....

But that's not what Bradbury was talking about, either. "Romance", when he wrote that, meant swashbuckling heroes rescuing beautiful princesses. Innocent, marvelous adventure where a brave, strong man fought off hordes of bad guys to save the girl. And Burroughs' Barsoom novels had that in spades. I love those books.

* * *

Struggling with Mrs. Fungus' car--

The wiper switch is fine and the relay in it works perfectly. Of course I had to have everything desoldered before realizing that.

The problem with her wipers is, most likely, the park switch in the wiper motor itself. Ironically, while this part is harder to replace, it's actually cheaper than the switch is. Go figure.

PLus side, I won't be going to Fry's tomorrow to buy a new relay. I'll take it.

* * *

Today at work I handled exactly four phone calls and eleven e-mails.

Three of the phone calls took place after 5:30 and two of them were for the same user.

The other day I put the manuscript for Apocalyptic Visions in the truck, and I'm damned glad I did. I spent plenty of time today proofreading it. It is so marvelous working in a place where I can do that!

Thursday and Friday were so hectic, I kind of expected today to be slow. I mean, Friday, it took me 1.5 hours to do one e-mail because of all the phone calls.

Anyway, these three days at work--Thu, Fri, and Sat--were just lovely. And I mean that sincerely; I'm not being sarcastic.

* * *

Well, it's Saturday night, and you know what that means! Me and the wife are going to have some special time together!

...working on her Algebra homework.

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