atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6069: Snowing again

It's been snowing all evening, and we have a couple inches now. It's not heavy snow, that's for sure.

The other day it snowed when I was driving home--Thursday, I think--and it was snowing with a very strong north wind. If it had been snowing hard it would have been a blizzard, but the snow was too light for that. It wasn't even an inch of accumulation.

We're not getting a lot of snow this evening, but I'm still betting the commute to work tomorrow will be a slow one, though.

* * *

Well, we got the Christmas tree out and cleaned up a bit. With the gigantic temptation for kitten mayhem removed, we could open the living room back up and take down the gates. It's now possible to walk through the house again.

We had close to an 8' tree this year, and 400 lights seemed to do very nicely. Still want LEDs.

* * *

Well, I'd better get heading bedward. Monday will not be a slow day like Saturday. It'll be busy. And so I'd better get some sleep.

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