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#606: Mo' Anime

Lovely Complex only has one episode left. 24 eps total. Dang. I just finished ep 23 about half an hour ago, and then had a bunch of BS to deal with. That done, I sit here to write a bit about what I watched.

Seto no Hanayome ep 1 seemed entertaining enough, though it goes a bit too far towards trying to be insane.

As of ep 2, Pretty Cure seems tolerable. The character designs of the main characters, Nagisa and Honoka, are alternately slightly odd-looking and cute, but it's enjoyable enough. The first series is 49 eps long, and it spawned many sequels, but I don't even know how many series there are. More than enough, it would seem.

One good thing is that the two girls don't rely on incantations very much; so far they have two: one to transform, and one for the hissatsu-waza, the finishing move. Otherwise they generally just do stuff.

One bad thing is their mascots, Meppuru and Mippuru. They are annoying. Meppuru ends every sentence with "-mepu" and Mippuru, of course, ends every sentence with "-mipu". Argh etc. In Wedding Peach JamaPi ended every sentence with "-pi", which wasn't nearly as intrusive, and at least JamaPi was cute. (If it was me, I'd swipe the "sleep" card every time the damn thing opened its mouth. STFU Meppuru! You suck.)

The I"s OVAs?

OMG they suck, and suck bad. It's a two-part story, one made up solely for the OVAs. The first five minutes of the first episode is a montage of short scenes that have little or no connection to each other. The music is a mishmash; every BGM track is a random assortment of musical phrases, loosely coupled, that never settle on a theme, so your ear is constantly trying to "lock on" to it. But that at least distracts you enough that you're not bored to tears by the lack of anything interesting happening on the screen.

If anything in that OVA had happened in the actual series--it took place over the summer when Iori was filming the Fuwarin Water commercial--it would have completely changed how the story came out. Itsuki saw a childhood friend (invented for the OVA) get murdered; Ichitaka came to Iori's rescue, saving her from drowning; and Ichitaka saw some of the Fuwarin stuff before he was supposed to have seen it, on TV.

And by the way, Iori knows how to swim, anyway.

Dear producers of I"s OVAs: meet my friend CONTINUITY and her spiked club Excaliborg....

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