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#6070: GLARCH

About an inch of snow when we went to bed turned into more than four when I got up. The commute in was slow; I got to the office at 10:00 sharp but wasn't punched in and ready to go until 10:09, meaning I might as well have relaxed for another five minutes before punching in since I got docked 15 minutes for being late. Plus side, because of the snow, I didn't get a "tardy" for it. We get two per month, anyway, and we're already halfway through January and I'm usually 10-15 minutes early.


Day went well enough. Boss discussed metrics with me, and I made her day when I told her that I loved it there.

Came home at the usual speed--roads nice and clear--and blew down the driveway. Now having dinner, and enjoying it.

Later? More Algebra.

* * *

Politician gets mugged. And people wonder why I'm in "condition orange" every moment I'm in the city. *sight*

"Police did not release a detailed description of the suspects for some undisclosed reason." Oh, I think we know why.

* * *

Scaremongering. 5 picocuries per liter is the federal standard for radium in tap water. Do you know how small a picocurie is?

0.000000000001 is "pico", so a picometer is 0.000000000001 meters or 0.000000001 millimeters, a picoliter is 0.000000000001 liters or 0.000000001 milliliters, a picogram is 0.000000000001 grams or 0.000000001 milligrams.

5 pCi is a grand total of 11 disintegrations per minute. Okay? That's vanishingly small, particularly considering that we live in a radioactive world. I can guarantee you that the radiation dose you absorb on a single cross-country flight is many orders of magnitude greater than the radiation dose you get from drinking tap water which--the article admits!--contains radium from natural sources. ("Most radioactive elements in tap water come from natural sources, but...." and as always you can ignore anything said after the "but" because it is guaranteed to be bullshit.)

"So, for now, Americans will enjoy a higher risk of cancer one glass of water at a time,..." goes the nonsense.

It's complete horseshit, nothing but scaremongering. There is nothing here. I'm more worried about radiation from my house's smoke detectors than I am about tap water.

You know--those standards are 41 years old because they don't need to be any tighter. Tightening them will not benefit anyone--it will not prevent so much as one case of cancer, and it will cost a hell of a lot of money to accomplish.

If you're really all that worried about people getting cancer from radiation exposure, ban flying. You get exposed to a lot of radiation when you're above 90% of the atmosphere--a lot more than if you drink nothing but tap water.

* * *

Watched a video about rebuilding a Jeep's transfer case the other day. It's really not all that big a deal; looks like the main thing is having a press to replace the bearings--though the guy didn't say he used a press. Could you remove and replace them with a drift?

Well, that's an issue for a later time.

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