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#6071: OH FOR F--

So, that same windshield wiper system which worked perfectly fine on Saturday night malfunctioned again this morning, failing to work entirely...only to mysteriously begin working again as soon as I was within ten miles of it.

Left work, limped the car home, ordered a new wiper motor. I know the switch isn't the problem, having had it apart, so I'm going to replace the motor this afternoon. It should be at the parts store around 2.


* * *

If the GOP were actually interested in scoring points against Democrats they would employ the same words Dems use when Republicans talk about boycotting Democrat President state of the union speeches.

* * *

Seattle tries the "soda tax". $0.0175 per ounce, which makes my sixer of diet Pepsi cost--at the usual sale price of $2.50 per six pack--4.28. At the non-sale price of $4.29, it makes it $6.

The Seattle version excludes diet drinks, at least. The various governments like to pretend this is about encouraging people to drink healthier things, but when you tax diet versions--well.

* * *

Fred reminds us Haiti is a shithole.

* * *

When government has a "war on" something, we get more of it. War on alcohol? More alcohol. War on drugs? More drugs. War on poverty? More poverty. War on X? More X. Always-always.

* * *

Try to be quiet and you'll blow your throat up.

* * *

"Mexico is extremely dangerous and the dangerous people are moving across our borders." Oh well.

* * *

So it looks like our estimate for mass in the universe was off by a little bit. Maybe about 90%. They were saying "about 200 billion galaxies", but now they're saying "about two trillion galaxies", which is ten times as many.

Do we still need dark matter? I mean, they keep saying that it's "90% of the universe" and here they've just found another 800 billion galaxies, comprising 90% of the matter in the universe. Hmm.

* * *

So, just came in from replacing the wiper motor.

All symptoms gone.

It now wipes and parks the way it should. If I put it in "intermittent", it wipes once, parks, waits a few seconds, wipes again, parks, and repeats. Exactly as designed.

I'm pretty surprised that it's so easy to replace, too. Getting the wiper arms off was the hard part--well, that and getting the transmission phased correctly. I got everything assembled but it tried to wipe down from the parked position, and so I had to redo it. I figured it out, though. Turned the motor arm 180° and it was almost right, wanting to go down just a shade before going up. Took it out one more time, adjusted it, and now it's perfect.

Almost as if I knew what I was doing.

Toyota set the thing up so that it's all on the driver's side of the car's centerline. Once you get the arms off and the plastic cowl out of the way, two bolts hold it in, and the electrical connector was surprisingly easy to remove. I'm not sure what time it was when I left the house to pick up the part--I know it was some time after 2 PM--but I was done with the job before 3:30.

The fact that all the symptoms have disappeared indicates to me that it's the motor that was the problem, and replacing it was the right call. Hopefully we won't have any further issues with it.

All I need to do now is take my core back. But that can wait until a little later on.

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