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#6072: That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.

We know the 9th Circuit is full of idiots, but this one takes the cake. Okay, Obama did something during his term, and Trump un-did it. The "something" Obama did was basically to instruct immigration enforcement not to enforce immigration in certain circumstances. Trump merely said, "No, we're enforcing those laws."

The 9th Circus judge decided that Trump doesn't have the power to do that and reinstated the Obama policy.

The thing is, Presidents have that power. That's why Obama's decision stood as long as he was President. One of the primary foci of the executive branch is law enforcement, which is why a sitting President can fire the head of the FBI whenever the hell he pleases; he could appoint a new one every week--every day--if it suited him.

Rescinding Trump's policy is entirely a partisan move from a Democrat appointee, which is a big surprise, let me tell you.

* * *

And incidentally, illegal aliens of an age to be effected by Trump's decision have twice the crime rate of citizens that age so it doesn't look to me as if there's any good reason to keep them here.

* * *

And this really needs to happen. Illegal immigration would not be a problem if we simply enforced the laws. All we need to do is to enforce the laws against hiring illegal labor, and punish the people who flout them.

* * *

Shithole is shithole is shithole. Some are so bad they are festering shitholes, but regardless, they're shitholes. I don't want to live in a shithole. People that don't want to live like first-worlders can stay in their shitholes. Don't bring the shithole with you when you come here.

* * *

Darwin Award Winner thought an 82-year-old man was an easy mark.

* * *

The other lunatic Senator from Arizona opens his piehole and "removes all doubt".

* * *

This kind of horseshit is why it takes a decade to build thirty miles of railroad track.
In a remote part of Northern Scotland, the development of a shore-side world-class golf course that might provide a great deal of local employment is being blocked by "conservationists" fighting to preserve the supposed habitat of Fonseca's Seed Fly, Botanophila fonsecai, a species, one of 110,000 in the world and one of more than 7000 in the UK, discovered in the 1960s, and differentiable only by a close examination of the insect's genitalia under a microscope.
If you need a microscope to tell it from another species, to hell with it.

That's ludicrous.

"This fly is pretty much the same as this other fly, to the extent that in order to tell them apart you need to examine their junk with a microscope" equates to THESE ARE THE SAME DAMNED FLIES FOR ALL PRACTICAL PURPOSES.

And further, look at that phrase: "supposed habitat". They aren't even certain the damned fly is from there.

The title of that post is accurate.

* * *

This is an extremely interesting theory. I've always had more than a passing interest in anthropology, partly because I think science has not got a very good grasp of how great apes evolved into human beings, but also because the development of humans is one of those things SF touches on in interesting ways. The one I liked best was Aldrin and Barnes' Encounter with Tiber, but there are others.

* * *

Oh that cutting-edge computer research! Apparently certain systems have a vulnerability which enables someone to wipe your disk.

...on an IBM PCjr.

Turns out that if you boot the thing and then enter diagnostic mode, and hit the right buttons on the joysticks, it'll wipe whatever diskette is inserted.


* * *

Interesting: you can now buy a desktop CNC mill for about $200. You can't use it to shape metal, but it's fine for plastic, wood, what-have-you. Seems like it'd be a natural for milling printed circuit boards. And for $70 you can swap the spindle for a laser head and do laser etching.

I have to wonder: why can't you do metal on it? $5 says it's just a matter of upgrading the spindle motor, although I'd bet there is a practical constraint on doing that (like "making the cutting head too heavy and unwieldy") but I still have to wonder if you could do it. Wouldn't that be interesting, if--say--$300 invested got you the ability to make, oh, gun parts...?

Myself, I actually have no idea what I'd do with something like this. Still, I've noticed that some of these tools are coming down to "neat toy" range.

Such as this laser engraver. Again--not powerful enough to do metal, but it'll do almost anything else. And it's not even $140.

Do you want to be the life of the artist, Unrestrained Imagination? you can also record your story through the laser engraving machine, leaving the eraser can not wipe the traces. you can made your unique design as a gift to anyone you want to send.

NOTE: 1.Overload use will shorten the life of the bald head, it is recommended that bald work for half an hour to rest for 5 minutes
I do know that overloading my bald(ing) head seems to shorten its life. Let it rest for 5 minutes after half an hour of work, that's my motto. Heh. "bald head" this mass of Engrish means the laser module, which apparently does not come with any kind of cooling system installed.

I saw a similar printer excoriated by a reviewer because it stopped working--probably because the guy overheated the thing's bald head. You really have to be careful with your overload use, don't you know.

Granted--for your $130 you get an engraving area about 2 inches square. But consider how much this capability used to cost, and you realize that if you want to try out laser engraving, and you can't conveniently have someone give you an actual industrial laser engraving machine, this ain't a bad place to start.

Shoot--buy this thing, a couple sacks of wood tag blanks of various shapes, and find a way to keep the bald head cool, and you can make an entire Christmas tree's worth of custom ornaments in an afternoon.

* * *

In the "WTF" department, I got an email from Tiger Direct blaring about this barebones computer they had for sale. "Thin client", no HDD or memory, but a quad-core Celeron processor and HDMI and USB 3, can take up to 8 GB, so it'd be perfect for connecting to the TV, $62...and they're out of stock on them. Of course.


* * *

Well, today is my day off, but I've got plenty to occupy me. Off I go.

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