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#6073: We can't even GIVE it away

Salvation Army came, took one look at the dining set, and said, "We can't take it."

Why? Because it needs refinishing.

This dining set cost $700 in 1950, when the average cost of a new car was about $1,500. That's the equivalent today of a dining set that costs, oh, twenty thousand dollars or so.

Problem is, though, that used furniture just isn't in demand. No one wants this stuff. People who need furniture are buying new, because interest rates are low and there's no reason to economize. And prices haven't kept pace with inflation, which is why you can buy a nice dining set in 2018 for under a couple grand.

Why pay top dollar for used furniture, then pay more to have it refinished, when you can buy brand new furniture? To say nothing of the fact that people simply don't buy this kind of furniture any more, not like they used to.

That's why the auctioneer didn't want it; the china cabinet would maybe fetch $50, $100 at auction, and the table and chairs might get about the same.

There's just no demand for it.

So Salvation Army took off without taking anything with them, and they didn't even bother to close the front door behind them.

Go to pay the water bill--it was due yesterday rather than today, so it was late.

About the only thing that really went right today was Maki getting a clean bill of health from the vet. Mrs. Fungus and I noticed there was something with his jaw or lip that didn't look right, so today I took him in...and it turns out that there's this kind of flappy structure that all cats have, and he has it on both sides of his mouth, and it's both perfectly normal and utterly harmless. There's nothing wrong with him. That was $40.

Paid my car insurance early for once. What a concept, being able to pay a bill before it's due. Electricity's due next week, that's be a bit of a bite in the ass, but I should have it covered.

* * *

My cousin in Saint Louis sent me a B&N gift card; I used it to buy a couple volumes of Kimi ni Todoke, since I stalled at #9. Turns out there's twenty seven volumes of KnT. Holy crap.

* * *

But as days off go, this one was pretty annoying, and to make matters worse I didn't get to sleep in, either. What a pisser.

Still, I got plenty done. Which reminds me: time to put my laundry in the dryer.
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