atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6075: Well, not bad at all

Short shrift because I had to help my wife with Algebra and that cut into my WoW time--

* * *

This is absolutely typical. California doesn't want to enforce immigration laws, so they're going to take legal action against people who help the federal government enforce immigration laws.

California's a shithole. Did you know it's got the highest proportion of poor people in the US?

* * *

Holy crap is this true. Life is far too short to spend it cleaning up after the toxic people in your life.

* * *

This game sounds like it would be a blast to play. I do still love RPGs even if I haven't played one in more than 14 years (excepting the occasional foray into them with my niece).

I've been rereading my Knights of the Dinner Table comics and laughing my ass off at them.

* * *

Friday night! Tomorrow is Saturday.

Work today was busy until 4-ish, at which point the inverse step function happened and I almost fell asleep at my desk. *sigh* But I am still loving this job, and loving it lots.

Tomorrow is Saturday, of course, and if it's anything like last Saturday, well--maybe I'll take a stack of those KoDT comics with me....

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