atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6078: It's just so CHARMING

Kimi ni Todoke volumes 11 and 12 arrived today. I read them in one sitting.

I forgot how good this series is. I'm hoping to complete it at the rate of 3 volumes per month.

* * *

It was decidedly Monday at work. It was a good day, but it was definitely Monday.

Tomorrow it'll be Tuesday; and Wednesday is my day off. Hopefully I can get something done.

I've been looking at interface boards which will allow a Windows machine to read C-64 diskettes. I'd like to get going on converting all the disks I have which are still readable, and storing them on a tiny little micro SD card. If all the C-64 disks I have are still readable, and I were to copy them all, in their entirety, to an SD card, it might...well, let's do the math.

I have something like 300 disks for the C-64, and at 170k each, that comes to a staggering...51 megabytes.

The smallest flash drive I have is 256 MB, and my entire C-64 collection would fit on it with 80% of its capacity to spare.

Ironically, it'll take a good long time to copy the data from the floppies to an SD card; but after that, copying will be lightning fast.


I am getting a hankering to tinker with the old machines again, though. Maybe later this week.

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