atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6083: I guess Saturdays just tend towards the slow side.

Please do not get the idea that I'm complaining about it, either.

Blew through my queue of e-mails in twelve minutes, after which I sat.

Handled thirteen e-mails and six calls. Once call was printer sounds--"Interesting way to try to fax something," I said after greeting this a few times. One call was some woman who thought she was calling her neighborhood store and had the wrong number (I don't handle consumer calls) and rang off.

Dead slow. I read KoDT and watched YouTube all day, and got paid for it.

"They also serve, who only stand and wait." If the shit hit the fan at one of our distribution centers they'd need me there, and I'd be busier than a one-armed paper hanger. Shit does not often hit the fan, but when it does, it costs a lot of money not to fix it, and the process requires someone in Corporate to coordinate. I essentially act, in those circumstances, as a facilitator, an interface between the Level 2 and Level 3 guys and the end users. And if the shit goes bad across multiple distribution centers--yeah.

Had one issue last week where an error cropped up in one of the applications the whole company uses, and it was stopping work at the distribution centers. I didn't find the fix, but I made sure the end users who reported the error were advised of the workaround. That kind of thing is why they pay me to sit there on Saturday afternoon and read comic books. Doing that is cheaper--a hell of a lot cheaper!--than leaving a DC (even a part of it) at a standstill until Monday.

* * *

Anyone who's had anything to do with accounting knows about SAP. It's probably the big a-number-one package for order tracking etc. Its user interface is a nightmare, of course. But this job is giving me experience with it, a nicely portable skill.

Checking a lot of boxes with this one: SAP, Active Directory, AS/400 sysadmin, Accounts Payable, and a host of IT functions to boot.

Loving every minute of it, too.

* * *

Let me remind you that by any reasonable metric Chicago is a shithole. 88% of murders in 2017, unsolved. Perhaps that's why there are so many of them happening there.

* * *


* * *

Where are the handcuffs? This woman has just admitted to committing vote fraud. Arrest her.

* * *

The kid is probably adopted because she'd rather die than have sex with that scalzied manboob. Not that she's anything to write home about, either.

* * *

Watched videos where a guy fixed various Commodore computers. Interesting bit--a quad multiplexer in a C64 caused the screen text to be wonky, because that mux was part of the system that addressed the character ROM.

And this is neat. Basically you look up what your C64's screen looks like, and it tells you what the probable cause is.

I'm hoping, tomorrow, to dig out the 64 and see if the old thing still fires up.

...after I change the oil in my wife's car and put her new plate sticker on. Such a stimulating life I lead.

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