atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6085: Oh, the Grammies were on the other night.

And no one cares. LOL: "...featuring Jay-Z lip-syncing to synchronized pelvic thrusts by an unattractive woman with oversized buttocks and an expression that says 'something smells really bad in here.'" $5 says it's the oversized butts.

No one cares at all. The so-called "'music' industry" has been producing shit by untalented hacks, and the Grammy Awards are just a circle-jerk where the biggest sellers get pats on the back for selling so well.

100% horseshit.

* * *

Three political images.

Can't argue with this one.

Was Trump referring to Illinois?

Because Nixon was not a Democrat. That's why it was illegal for Nixon to wiretap Democrats but it was not illegal for Obama to wiretap Trump.

* * *

The other night Mrs. Fungus was watching a video wherein these complete idiots wasted $1,000.

"What happens if you pour Coke in your gas tank?" Was the question.

My immediate answer: "You fuck up your car, that's what."

They took a car--for which they'd paid a thousand dollars--and poured most of a 2-liter of Coke into its gas tank, then took it for a drive, which ended approximately as you'd expect it to: with a tow truck.

Of course the mechanic they took it to said it'd be thousands of dollars to fix the car, more than it was worth.


* * *

Today I had enough work for most of the day, and it was only after about 5 PM that things slowed to a crawl. That's absolutely 100% fine with me.

On my way to work I realized that I had not, after all, gassed up yesterday, so I was heading in with a bit less than a quarter tank. But I made it there, and stopped on my way home and put enough in to get me home, plus enough to get me there and back again tomorrow. Wednesday is payday and I can fill up then.

Bills, however, are paid, which makes me happy. And I still have enough money left for lunch tomorrow.

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