atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6086: Only because of how the leftist press reported it.

The Tet Offensive in Vietnam happened 50 years ago today. And according to the headline, it "...shattered Americans' confidence in Vietnam War".

Even though we won the battle.

That's right: it was a serious blow to the communist effort in Vietnam; like the Battle of the Bulge in WW2 it was a last ditch effort that failed. The Tet Offensive cost our side about 3,000 dead and 12,000 wounded, but the communists suffered 45,000 dead by August 1969.

...and Walter Cronkite, that old socialist, got up in front of the cameras and gravely intoned about how awful a defeat it was for the United States.

That is what shattered Americans' confidence in the war. Not a three-month battle which our side won, hands down; it was the American press lying about it that did it.

Fake news, 1969 version.

* * *

You might be living in a shithole if.... Heh.

* * *

"I consider myself a liberal, but..." Nope. You don't get to complain about your 6-year-old son being forced into transgender counseling and start a sentence like that. This is what you fight for, this is what you advocate, this is what you support--so enjoy it. Good and hard.

* * *

Lunar Eclipse tomorrow morning! I won't be awake for it. It's just before sunrise, which is at about 7 AM--and tomorrow's my day off, so, no.

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