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#6089: Illinois Democrats are desperate to push all business out of Illinois.

By putting a 20% tax " addition to all other taxes, on fees that are based on capital gains." If I understand that correctly, it means taxing fees collected by financial firms on stock trades etc where the client makes a profit. Or something:
Amends the Illinois Income Tax Act. Imposes a privilege tax on partnerships and S corporations engaged in the business of conducting investment management services. Provides that the tax shall be imposed at the rate of 20% of the fees calculated by reference to the performance of the investment portfolio funds and not from the investment itself. Defines "investment management services".
If I understand the shithead-ese there, my digest sounds about right: if you make $20,000 on your stock portfolio, and your brokerage charges a 1% fee against that profit, then that 1% is taxed at 20% in addition to any taxes already assessed.

Sure, for you, it's 20% of 1% of $20,000, which is $40...but if you consider all of the transactions your brokerage handles, I expect it comes to quite a sum, and that comes right out of your brokerage's back pocket.

As usual, Illinois Democrats are taking this attitude: "Ha ha, we have them right where we want them. After all, what are they going to do? Move?"

And that's exactly what they'll do.

* * *

Dick Durbin?
A recent example is illustrative: did President Trump refer to numerous countries as "shitholes?" The media certainly think so, and they have a confirmed source: Senator Dick Durbin. Is this believeable? Certainly. Is this probably true? With Trump, very much so. Is it likely the case? The Czar would say, all things being equal, yes.

But did it happen? The problem is that the only source of this story is Dick Durbin, who--if you know him--is a frequent liar. Plus, numerous people present at the alleged event concur—with some consistency—that the President said no such thing, and that Senator Durbin clearly heard something else.
I'm from that shithead's state. If Dick Durbin told me the sky was blue, I'd head outside with a Pantone set to check. Calling Dick Durbin a "frequent liar" is like saying the Sahara Desert is "kind of dry", for fuck's sake.

Of course, the other problem with this accusation is that the places Trump was allegedly talking about ARE INDEED SHITHOLES. That's what they are, and that's how a significant portion of America would describe them, and plenty of people are glad that we have a President who's not afraid to call a spade a spade. If it's walks and sounds like a duck, calling it a swan ain't gonna make it so, and plenty of people are sick and tired of being treated as if they're idiots who will buy any horseshit spewed by these asshats.

* * *


* * *

Today was perhaps the busiest day I've had at this job. It was hectic until about 1 PM, when things slowed down to merely busy, and finally about 5:30 PM things slowed down.

Usually we have no Priority 1 tickets going in after about 3:30, but today I put one in at 6 PM. And we had a ton of quantity errors to deal with, too.

...but it was still better than the best three days I ever had at my last two jobs combined.

* * *

They're predicting about 6-8 inches of snow from Sunday through Tuesday. As usual, I'll believe it when I see it.

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