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#6090: I knew I was right

Brickmuppet sums up why Colombia broke up on reentry in 2003:
[Astronaut Dr. Kalpana] Chawla was an engineer. She was one of the very best on the planet. As such, she understood that engineering does not care. Physics does not care if you have ladyparts. Metalurgy does not care how intersectional you are. The vacuum of space is unmoved by how much melanin you have. Radiation is unconcerned with your childhood trauma.

And foam insulation does not give a flying fuck that the reason some bureaucrats chose it over the type that the engineers recommended was because because they wanted to feel smug about choosing an environmentally friendly product instead of the one that wouldn't break off and damage the heat shield.
And he links here, where they lay it out explicitly that Colombia crashed because of CFC-free insulating foam.
In 1997, NASA bowed to environmental pressure from the EPA to change the chemical makeup of the foam used to coat the tank to exclude freon, a gas some have suggested led to ozone damage which was a major environmental point of contention in the 90's. The new foam did not stick to the tank and was quicker to fail under the extreme conditions of a rocket launch. In the first launch with the new foam formula, the shuttle orbiter sustained eleven times more damage from failing foam than in launches using the freon-laced coating.
Because the correct foam had CFCs in it, NASA stopped using it...and they lost a shuttle.

But of course being environmentally friendly is much more important than seven peoples' lives are, right?

And this, I did not know: NASA had a prior example of this stupidity.
It is widely known that the 1986 explosion of the Challenger shortly after lift off was the result of a faulty O-ring which allowed hot gases to escape from the solid rocket booster and pierce the skin of the external fuel tank. What is less well-known - according to the report cited above - is that the faulty O-ring was also a "replacement part".

For the Challenger's mission, NASA had been forced to stop using a putty used to insulate the O-rings from hot gases (which had worked during the first nine flights) because the manufacturer stopped using asbestos in the paste. The manufacturer had bowed to public pressure to stop using the flame-retarding material it had produced since the Second World War.

A researcher with 41 years of experience in the field noted that the U.S. military had similar back-to-back launch failures of the Titan rocket after replacing the asbestos putty. The asbestos putty was not only a better heat reducer, it remained consistent under the cold conditions that were the primary trigger for the failure of the Challenger's O-rings.
Forced to stop using the specified material, they substituted an inferior one that cost a bunch of lives and a two billion dollar spacecraft.

Because environmentalism.


* * *

So, it turns out the FISA application was, to put it charitably, "flawed". It stinks, and what's more it stinks a lot.

The FBI broke a lot of rules to wiretap the Trump campaign.

Francis Porretto sums it up: "...the memo tells us that the FBI knowingly allowed itself to be used as a political instrument in the service of a political campaign."

A digest of the salient points including the funding of the dossier.

Quoth Representative Jim Jordan, on Twitter:
"FBI takes salacious and unverified dossier to secret court to get secret warrant to spy on a fellow American, and FBI doesn't tell the court that the DNC/Clinton campaign paid for that dossier.

And they did that FOUR times."
Understand how bad this is: the FBI lied to the court to get a warrant to wiretap someone. That's bad no matter who's doing it, and why, but they did this specifically to take down a candidate for President, making this a blatantly partisan political move.

This is, in Joe Biden's immortal words, a big fucking deal.

* * *

He's a Democrat Representative from Chicago. What do you think? Of course he has no shame.

* * *

Colin Kaepernick is an idiot.

* * *

I had never even heard of fluroantimonic acid before.... It's a mere ten quadrillion times stronger than pure sulfuric acid. Red fuming nitric acid is tap water by comparison!

* * *

Algebra and WoW, damn it. Maybe it'll be easy tonight.

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