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#609: Stupid and Stupider.

Elizabeth Edwards seems to think that Rush Limbaugh shouldn't be allowed to be on the air.

Wow, a Democrat that thinks Limbaugh should be silenced. What a story. Stop the presses.

...but she thinks it's because Limbaugh had a medical disability that put him into the 4F classification, making him ineligible for the draft. If he was physically unable to serve in Vietnam, goes her theory, he should also be physically unable to sit in a radio studio.


Ms. Edwards clearly doesn't understand what it is like to be a soldier, particularly a non-commissioned grunt. "Cannon fodder", to be indelicate, although most armies haven't really thought of soldiers that way since WW1 or before.

A soldier has to be able to withstand a great deal of physical stress. It doesn't do your unit any good if half your guys have exercise-induced asthma and can't walk more than half a mile at a time without a hit of inhaled steroids. It also doesn't help if one of your guys has a cardiac arrythmia and he keels over with v-fib the first time he sees "action". It's counterproductive to spend all that time, money, and energy to train him for combat only to have him die because he got too much adrenaline at once.

The idea is to have soldiers who can fight, after all.

There are plenty of medical conditions which are completely innocuous in most lines of work, but which can be fatal to a soldier. That's why the military screens for them. If one of your people gets shot, you don't want to have to contend with both a bullet wound and chronic low blood pressure, for example. You don't want to have to treat someone for diabetes and a sucking chest wound, particularly not in a battlefield hospital. That guy with the cardiac arrythmia can probably work as a carpenter for 30 years without an issue, but if he catches a few shell fragments, the irregular heartbeat will greatly complicate saving his life.

The point is, there are a myriad of things which Limbaugh could have that can't possibly effect his performance as a radio host, but which would have--decades ago--prevented him from being soldier material. Ms. Edwards would do well to learn the difference.

Unless Ms. Edwards wants us to apply the same standard to her and say that she, as a cancer patient, shouldn't be doing interviews. But I wouldn't suggest something like that, myself. I know better.

* * *

And here we learn that the Democrats have disenfranchised their own Florida voters.

The Florida Democrat Party is suing the DNC because of it. Of course, whatever happens, it'll all be the fault of Republicans: the state's legislature has a Republican majority and the state governor is a Republican, so it's the Republicans who are trying to disenfranchise the Democrat voters of Florida.

...damn, that Karl Rove is good. Clearly, before he left the Administration, he used his political pwoer to tell the Florida state government to move the Florida primary to January 29th, and this ended up making the DNC disenfranchise the Florida Democrats. He's tricked the Democrats into disenfranchising their own voters!
In the aftermath of the shattering events of 2000, Democrats here and around the country have made continued efforts to assure that every vote counts. It is thus truly a monumental irony for the Democratic National Committee to replace its own commitment to assuring that every vote must be counted with a decree that no Florida Democrats' vote will count.
Damn! You can't buy this kind of funny!

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